Why Schools are Making the Transition to Digital Ticketing

The coronavirus has forever altered our state of mind and everyday living. Germs. Viruses. This is all we can think about and why schools remain online, with heavy hesitation for allowing students back into the classroom. And then we get to all the events; graduations, ceremonies, performing arts, theater productions, sports. These activities have been placed on the back burner for some time now in our ongoing battle with COVID-19 and stopping the spread.

But how long can we go on putting students’ livelihood on pause?

In response to these questions, schools are seeking an alternative to getting their students back into the classroom and opening up events again.

What’s the alternative?


Digital Ticketing for Touchless Events

Digital ticketing has become an online solution for school events, collecting funds, donations, selling merchandise, class registration, lectures, etc. It’s the answer to keeping everything open. 

For example, students can register for classes, orientation, and graduation online without having to attend in person. This limits the amount of exposure between staff and students while collecting all the required information.

An effective ticketing solution for schools also supports assigned seating for events. Meaning, the venue can control what seats are available and block off others for safe social distancing

Schools are turning to mobile ticketing to minimize ticket lines and sizeable crowds at events. By having guests purchase their tickets in advance, online, they can be quickly scanned into the event at a safe distance without disrupting the flow of traffic. 



The CARES Act, and how it can help cover costs

The CARES Act and pending legislation in Congress may provide an opportunity to have the Federal Government cover the cost of your online digital ticketing system. Funds are going to be provided to schools to help them reopen safely. 

Having a contactless digital ticketing system for your athletic programs is key to safely reopening.  We suggest you discuss this with your finance department to explore possibilities within your school district and states.

There is a possibility of having the CARES act cover the cost of ticketing, since it’s a safety requirement in order to reopen schools. 


A Ticketing Solutions for Education

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1. Budget friendly ticketing for schools 

Ticketing isn’t a luxury anymore.

It’s essential for the reopening of schools and events, while creating a safe space for guests. Purplepass’ ticketing is an inexpensive ticketing solution for all schools and offers a special discount to schools using the software. Click below to learn more or contact us with questions at sales@purplepass.com

We are willing to work with your school’s budget and find a flexible pricing solution together. 



Online ticket registration for schools

Purplepass offers a discount for schools
and nonprofits using the software.


2. Season passes and different ticket options

Out of all event categories, schools tend to have the biggest variety of events;  

  • Graduations
  • Ceremonies
  • Awards
  • Senior night
  • Athletic programs (football, basketball, soccer, etc.)
  • Cheer and dance
  • Performing arts and theater
  • Lectures
  • Exams
  • Certification programs 
  • Class registrations
  • Merchandise sales 
  • Staff and teacher appreciation nights 
  • International programs and events
  • Field trips 


With Purplepass, promoters can create an unlimited amount of ticket types depending on the different discounts and packages being offered.

Season passes for sports, discounts for different age groups (seniors, adults, children), student and first responder discounted tickets, group ticket rates, etc. 


3. Using student IDs as coupon codes

Schools can create coupon codes using student IDs and uploading them in bulk. If you want a student to receive a discount at checkout, they can enter their student ID and have the code applied.

You can add these codes in bulk, set the discount setting, and any other limitations you might want to apply. It’s an extremely easy process that makes checking out online simple and automated.

Other coupon code types you can create:

  • Combo deals (buy 1, get 1)
  • Percentage off
  • Fixed-rate 
  • Early bird discounts
  • Auto-generated code
  • Mass upload codes
  • Coupon lists
  • Tracking only
  • Stacking multiple codes


4. Assigned seating for social distancing

Social distancing is another word we are all probably tired of hearing, but has become a necessary part of our daily lives.

Events can not happen if social distancing isn’t being monitored or able to be followed at events.

auto-social-distancing-for-seating-mapsAssigned seating solves this problem. 

Purplepass will build your venue seating maps for free. All that is required is the layout and seats you would like to make available. Using Purplepass’ software, schools can control the capacity at which they would like to sell for their venue. And block off seats on the seating maps to ensure proper spacing is being followed. 


5. A mobile experience (touchless) 

The focal point of digital ticketing is the touchless event experience. Whatever they are purchasing, online ticketing eliminates any exchanges or unnecessary interactions that could encourage the spreading of germs. 

All purchases can be made online as well as payments. Tickets are sent via email and remain on smart devices where they are scanned from a wireless scanner at check-in. 

Check out this extensive guide on creating a touchless event experience and see just how you can use ticketing to create a risk-free event. 


6. Online merchandise sales

One aspect of ticketing schools often forget is their merchandise sales.

Without events and in order to limit crowds or long lines, merchandise booths have taken a hit. This is a revenue stream that has been drastically reduced because of new protocols and safety regulations. 


However, with Purplepass, you can take your merchandise sales online. At checkout, include t-shirts, hats, branded sports or pride wear, etc. so students can still access their school swag. With simple-to-build questionnaires, you can ask their size, color preference, material type and anything else necessary to place a merchandise order online. 

Including these sale types with your ticketing can offer another revenue stream and support for that school department. 



Sell merchandises at checkout

You can sell swag, ticket add-ons, concessions,
at checkout! Request a demo to see how it works.


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