Your Essential Gear List for Running Event Gates and Ticketing at Festivals

Organizing a festival involves meticulous planning, especially when it comes to managing event gates and ticketing. The right equipment can ensure a seamless experience for attendees and staff.

Whether you're setting up a temporary box office, managing an outdoor event, or running a stationary box office, here’s a comprehensive guide on the gear you'll need, based on specific setups and requirements.people-attending-a-festival

Temporary Use Box Office

A temporary box office setup is ideal for events with a short duration or pop-up locations. Here’s a list of essential gear for such a setup:

  • Laptop: A reliable laptop is crucial for managing ticket sales, attendee check-in, and overall coordination.
  • Small USB Receipt Printer or Bluetooth Receipt Printer: These are essential for printing tickets and receipts quickly. The choice between USB and Bluetooth depends on your mobility needs and connectivity options.
  • Card Reader (USB): A USB card reader allows for secure and efficient payment processing.
  • Bar Code Scanner (USB): This device is necessary for scanning tickets and managing entry efficiently.
  • Cash Drawer: If you plan to handle cash transactions, a sturdy cash drawer connected to your receipt printer will help keep your finances organized.


Outdoor Event Recommendations

Outdoor events pose unique challenges, especially with power and connectivity. Here’s the recommended gear for such settings:

  • Boca Printer: Requires a power source and USB connection. Known for its durability and reliability in high-volume printing.
  • USB Receipt Printer: Needs a power source and can connect via USB or Bluetooth for flexibility.
  • Cash Drawer: This will need to be connected to a receipt printer for cash transactions.
  • Scanner (USB): Essential for ticket scanning, requiring a USB connection to a laptop or tablet.
  • Credit Card Reader (USB): Necessary for processing card payments securely.
  • PRO Wireless Scanner: Requires a data connection, offering mobility and efficiency for large outdoor areas.
  • iPad with Stand or Hand Strap: Specify your requirement when requesting equipment. An iPad can be a versatile tool for managing ticket sales and attendee check-in. Ensure it has WIFI and data capabilities if you plan to use it wirelessly.
  • Bluetooth Printer: Adds mobility and reduces cable clutter, useful for dynamic setups where you might need to move around.


Stationary Box Office

For a permanent or semi-permanent setup, a stationary box office requires reliable and more robust equipment:

  • Boca Printer: Requires a power source, WIFI, USB, and is hard-wired for maximum reliability.
  • Cash Drawer: Uses a special plug and requires connection to a receipt printer, laptop, or computer.
  • Barcode Scanner: Needs to be connected to a laptop or computer for scanning tickets efficiently.
  • Receipt Printer: Requires a power source and can connect via WIFI, USB, or Bluetooth for versatile printing options.
  • Credit Card Reader (USB): Ensures secure and efficient card payment processing, connected to a laptop or computer.


Limited WIFI Setup

In scenarios with limited WIFI availability, ensuring that your gear can operate with minimal connectivity is crucial:

  • Power Source: Ensure all equipment has a reliable power source.
  • WIFI and USB Connectivity: While WIFI is limited, having USB connections as backups can ensure continuity.
  • Epson Printers: Requires power source, WIFI, USB, and Bluetooth, offering multiple connectivity options.
  • Cash Drawer: Needs a receipt printer to function, ensuring secure cash handling.
  • Barcode Scanner: Requires connection to a computer or laptop via USB for ticket scanning.
  • Credit Card Reader: Vital for processing payments.
  • mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale): Requires batteries, WIFI, and data. These portable devices are ideal for environments where mobility and flexibility are key.


Best Practices for Setup and Operation

Test Equipment Ahead of Time: Ensure all devices are tested and configured before the event to avoid last-minute technical issues.

Backup Solutions: Always have backup equipment and power sources. For instance, portable battery packs and generators can be lifesavers.

Training Staff: Ensure that your team is well-trained in using all the equipment and handling any technical issues that may arise.

Connectivity Check: Assess the venue for connectivity options. In case of limited WIFI, plan for wired connections or data hotspots.



Selecting the right gear for your festival’s ticketing and gate management can significantly impact the smoothness of your operations. By considering the specific needs of temporary, outdoor, and stationary setups, and preparing for limited WIFI scenarios, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for both staff and attendees.

Remember, thorough planning and testing can help mitigate most technical challenges and make your event a memorable success.

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