When to Consider Getting an Intern for Your Events?

Have you thought about bringing on an intern or two, but never felt you entirely needed the help?

We’ve put together a quick guide on why offering an internship could benefit you and might be necessary for your event.

internships working together on a computer

1. You need the extra help

If you find yourself overwhelmed in certain areas or just need an assistant to pick up the slack, it might be time to consider an internship. If you’re looking for help in your everyday event planning, here are a few daily tasks you might want to list as part of the job requirements: 

  • Answering phones and replying to emails 

  • Responding to any social media comments 

  • Writing blogs or content

  • Running errands

  • Speaking with vendors or special guests

  • Scheduling meetings and conference calls

  • Admin or bookkeeping 

  • Managing deadlines

  • Creating reports  


2. You can offer school credit or other perks

Your organization or event can partner with local schools and create a program that offers credit. This is a great idea for expanding your reach, finding students interested in the industry and having schools post the opportunity at job fairs and workshops. 

If you can’t offer school credit, here are a few other perks to consider:

  • A reference and resume builder

  • Hands on experience 

  • Networking opportunities 

  • Free lunches and other office perks

  • Free entry to events


3. You’re on a budget

Most people turn to volunteers and help from interns if their budget is limited.

If you can’t afford the extra help, but need it, interns are the way to go. Most programs, especially if offering college credit, are not paid.

However, you can consider paying your interns, but usually at half cost and minimal hours. 

4. You’re looking for specific experience without the price tag

Maybe you need help with Photoshop, Quickbooks, or other specialized software that you’re unfamiliar with? If you’re seeking specific experience or training, college students are training specifically for these different industries. 

In your ad, include certain qualifications you desire and experience you need help with for your upcoming event(s). They might not be an expert, but they can complete simple tasks without having the heavy price tag of a specialist. 


5. You only need someone for a short period

Rather than brining on someone full-time, internships are usually seasonal or per semester. So, if you only need the help for a short time leading up to your event, internship programs are designed specifically for that; short time help. 

Most of the time, however, internships turn into jobs if you like their work and want to continue employing them. This is something to consider as you work with them and if you need long-term help. 

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