Enhancing Financial Management with TouchNet: Best Practices for Universities

In today's digital age, universities face increasing challenges in managing financial operations effectively while ensuring transparency and compliance.

TouchNet, a leading payment processing and financial management platform, offers comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for educational institutions. One standout feature of TouchNet is its Banner integration, which revolutionizes how universities track and manage revenue from events.touchnet-2

Leveraging Banner Integration in TouchNet

The Banner integration feature within TouchNet empowers universities to associate specific accounting cost codes with each event hosted through the system. This integration is particularly advantageous for universities looking to enhance their financial tracking capabilities and streamline budget management processes.

Key Benefits:

  • Financial Tracking: By assigning accounting cost codes to events, universities can directly link ticket sales revenue to specific departments or cost centers. This capability provides administrators with real-time insights into financial performance, facilitating informed decision-making and accurate financial reporting.

  • Budget Management: Understanding the financial impact of events on departmental budgets becomes more accessible with TouchNet. By tracking revenue generated from ticket sales, universities can optimize budget allocations and ensure fiscal responsibility across campus.


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Tips for Using Accounting Cost Codes Effectively

To maximize the benefits of TouchNet’s Banner integration, universities can implement the following tips to stay organized and streamline financial operations:

  • Standardize Cost Codes: Establish a standardized format for accounting cost codes across departments to ensure consistency and clarity. This practice simplifies reporting and enhances the accuracy of financial data.

  • Align with Organizational Structure: Map cost codes to reflect the organizational structure of the university. By aligning codes with departments, programs, or projects, administrators can easily track revenue distribution and allocate funds accordingly.

  • Regularly Review and Update Codes: Conduct periodic reviews of cost codes to reflect changes in organizational priorities or new initiatives. Ensure codes are updated to accurately reflect current activities and avoid discrepancies in financial reporting.

  • Utilize Reporting Features: Leverage TouchNet’s reporting and analytics tools to generate customized reports based on accounting cost codes. These reports provide insights into revenue streams, expenditure patterns, and financial trends across departments.

  • Promote Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Foster collaboration between finance and operational departments to ensure alignment in budget management practices. Encourage communication to facilitate accurate cost code usage and financial transparency.


Understanding TouchNet's Role in Higher Education

TouchNet serves as a pivotal tool for universities seeking to streamline payment processing and enhance financial management practices. Designed with the unique needs of higher education in mind, TouchNet offers:

  • Payment Processing: Secure handling of various payments including tuition fees, housing payments, and event ticket sales ensures seamless transactions for students, staff, and visitors alike.

  • Financial Management Tools: Beyond payment processing, TouchNet integrates robust financial management tools. These tools empower university administrators to monitor budgets, track revenue streams, and maintain compliance with financial regulations effortlessly.

  • Administrative Efficiency: By automating financial transactions and administrative tasks, TouchNet reduces manual workload across campus departments. This efficiency enhancement allows staff to focus more on strategic initiatives and student-centric services.



TouchNet's Banner integration provides universities with advanced financial tracking tools crucial for effective budget management and operational efficiency. This integration enables educational institutions to streamline payment processing, enhance financial transparency, and support strategic decision-making across campus.

As a validated partner of the TouchNet network, Purplepass can extend these services to schools and universities.


Incorporating TouchNet into the financial infrastructure of universities not only meets current operational needs but also prepares institutions for future growth and sustainability in an increasingly digital world.

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