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the event buzz podcast

A podcast for event professionals


Connecting event professionals around the world by sharing real-life experiences, insights, event planning tips and more. In each episode, we break down a different challenge or discuss a new idea to uncover the latest industry trends.

Recent Episodes

#42 - Outsourcing virtual teams for events

Outsourcing Director at MMCY Tech, Valerie Bowden, discusses the top jobs event planners should outsource and the benefits of outsourcing remote teams. With advice for current businesses and event planners working or looking to work with virtual teams.

#41 - Selling events the smart way, not the hard way

Founder of Endless Events and host of the EventIcons, Event Brew, and Event Tech Podcast, Will Curran, joins the show! With his expertise and event experience, we uncover smart ways to market events that reduce stress and make selling tickets easy.

#40 - Finding speakers for events: Who is right for you?

Mollie Plotkin, owner of The Mollie Plotkin Group, represents thought leaders, motivators, business experts, professional athletes and other speakers for virtual and live events. In this episode, we are breaking down the process of finding and booking speakers, and tips on selecting the best speakers for events.

#39 - Attracting media and effective promotional event timelines

President of Corbett Public Relations, Bill Corbett, breaks down the timeline of promoting events and building a personal brand. He includes advice on attracting media, as well as how to prepare for a successful media interview.

#38 - Team building activities - should you be doing them?

Outback Team Building and Training’s Senior Event Manager, Dolena Matthews, joins the show to discuss the long-term benefits of team building events. Plus, hosting activities with virtual teams and navigating time zones.

#37 - Creating a captivating experience for a digital audience

Ike Singh Kehal, CEO of an event platform for virtual and hybrid experiences, talks the future of events. All about the benefits of networking events online, and how to keep an audience engaged in a digital space.