How to Safely Host School Events During COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic has turned so much of our everyday lives upside down. From how we work to how our children are learning, we are seeing a new paradigm of how we live emerges.

If you are planning to host events at your school but want to do so while ensuring the safety and protection of your students and staff, there are a few ways to do so while simultaneously mitigating risk. 


1. Online testing and exams

One way to minimize contact and COVID-19 transmission among students and teachers is to provide them with the tools to complete testing and exams online using a virtual solution. Online testing and exams provide students with the platform they need to manage tests while also minimizing the risk of coming in contact with the COVID-19 virus.

Benefits of online testing include: 

  • Prevention of cheating 
  • Easier review system for teachers
  • Automation
  • Sustainable/less printed material


With the rise in online and remote learning, there are more testing tools and learning solutions available for schools than ever today. Using an online testing solution is highly secure, environmentally friendly, and also provides quick transmitting to help improve grading window times. 

Online testing can also help students to focus, without causing significant anxiety when surrounded by their peers and teachers in the same room.

If you are considering this route, it is imperative to consider the advantages and the potential downfalls you may encounter as students readjust to a new way of learning and testing. 


2. Theater and play productions

Are you planning to host a theater or play production at your school?

Do you want to ensure that as many safety precautions as possible are taken?

Besides following standard safety protocols, it is highly advisable to encourage social distancing, even once an attendee has purchased their production ticket. You can also offer ticket registration and purchase options available virtually to minimize contact.

Using an online ticket registration solution such as Purplepass is a great way to incentivize the purchase of ticket sales while motivating those who have concerns regarding COVID to still attend. 

How you can use Purplepass to create safe events during COVID: 

  • Use the social distancing tool for seating maps
  • Contactless payment/make payments required in advance, online to minimize cash exchange
  • Mobile tickets 
  • Before purchasing events, require that guests accept the new safety rules for that event


3. Implement and encourage safety protocols

One of the best precautions you can take when hosting events at your school during COVID is standard safety protocols.

  • Masks or face shields 
  • Social distance (use seating maps)
  • Only come if you are well 
  • Temperature checks


If you are unsure of where to begin or which protocols to follow and implement in your own school, turn to the official CDC guidance directive for more information. The official CDC website not only provides information for individuals and corporate entities, but also for educators and school organizations alike.

Discover what considerations to keep in mind depending on the type of event you are planning, the number of students you intend to invite, as well as the location of your event, and whether it is to be hosted indoors or outside. 


4. Touchless options and alternatives 

For any event you are hosting at your school during COVID, consider touchless solutions and alternatives. Use touchless and virtual registration for your event. Provide attendees with the ability to purchase tickets in advance from home or with the use of their mobile smartphones.

You can also use a scanning or QR system for those who purchase tickets and for those who are checking into an event to minimize contact and the potential to spread COVID.

Accepting online payments and providing multiple touchless methods to get tickets for a school event will encourage ticket sales while also providing additional safety for those who choose to attend. 


5. Online system for students and registration 

Another solution to consider for your entire school is to launch an online system for registration and for students year-round. An online system for students provides a robust solution that can provide students with the opportunity to purchase textbooks, yearbooks, supplies, and even school gear.

The system can also be configured to allow students to pay library or student fees as necessary.

Using an online system for student registration can decimate in-person contact, especially during months where COVID and other airborne illnesses are most prevalent. 

Hosting events at your school during COVID does not have to feel stressful or overwhelming with the proper tools and safety protocols in place. Knowing what virtual and touchless you have available can help to streamline the planning process of any type of school event you intend to host. 

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