Season Subscriptions for Shows: Should You Be Offering Them?

In the world of live entertainment, offering season subscriptions through online ticketing has become a game-changer for both event organizers and loyal fans. Season subscriptions provide attendees with a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy multiple performances while ensuring organizers benefit from increased fan loyalty and revenue.

In this blog, we'll explore the concept of season subscriptions, why they are a fantastic idea, and provide tips on how to implement them effectively.

Season Subscriptions Unveiled

What Are Season Subscriptions?

Season subscriptions, often known as season ticket packages, are bundles of tickets that grant access to multiple performances or events throughout a specific period. They are a popular choice for avid fans and patrons who plan to attend several shows hosted by the same organization or venue.


Why Offer Season Subscriptions?

1. Enhance Fan Loyalty:

Season subscriptions foster a sense of belonging and loyalty among attendees. Fans who commit to a season subscription are more likely to become regular attendees and dedicated supporters of your organization.

2. Cost Savings for Attendees:

Offering season subscriptions can be a win-win for both organizers and attendees. Subscribers often benefit from significant cost savings compared to purchasing individual tickets for each event. For instance, they might save 15% or more on their total ticket costs.

3. Predictable Revenue Stream:

Season subscriptions provide a predictable revenue stream for organizers, as subscribers commit to attending multiple events upfront. This financial stability allows for better budgeting and planning.


4. Simplified Ticketing:

Subscribers enjoy the convenience of booking their tickets for multiple events with a single transaction. This streamlined process reduces the hassle of buying tickets separately for each performance.

5. Exclusive Benefits:

You can sweeten the deal by offering exclusive perks to season subscribers. These can include priority seating, access to pre-show receptions, behind-the-scenes experiences, or discounted merchandise.


Tips for Selling Season Subscriptions with Online Ticketing


Tip #1: Choose the Right Online Ticketing Platform

Select a ticketing platform that supports season subscriptions, obviously. But how do you know what platform is right for your event? Try looking for these features next time you do your research: 

  • Custom package creation or ticketing
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Ability to bundle events
  • Ability to include ticket add-ons
  • Reporting that tracks the type of tickets sold

Tip #2: Create Attractive Subscription Packages

Craft enticing subscription packages that appeal to your target audience. Consider offering various tiers, such as basic, premium, or VIP, with different benefits and price points. You can offer a pass that covers all the events, allow them to select specific times or the number of events, etc. 

Tip #3: Highlight the Savings:

Clearly communicate the cost savings of subscribing compared to buying tickets individually. Use persuasive language to encourage potential buyers to take advantage of the offer or explain the offer on your event page so they know their options. 

Tip #4: Customized Subscription Pages

Design dedicated subscription pages on your event website or ticketing platform. These pages should provide detailed information about the packages, benefits, and instructions for purchasing.


Tip #5: Early Access and Exclusive Content

Offer season subscribers early access to ticket sales for individual events. Additionally, provide exclusive content or updates, such as artist interviews or event previews, to keep subscribers engaged.

Tip #6: Renewal Incentives

Encourage subscribers to renew their season subscriptions for the following year by offering renewal incentives, such as locked-in pricing or additional perks.

Tip #7: Transparent Communication

Maintain transparent communication with subscribers throughout the season. Keep them informed about upcoming events, changes, and any additional benefits they might receive.


Create Season or Flex Passes with Purplepass

Build the pass you need with set events or
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Offering season subscriptions through online ticketing is a strategic move that benefits both event organizers and loyal attendees. It enhances fan loyalty, provides cost savings, and ensures a predictable revenue stream for your organization.

By choosing the right online ticketing platform, creating attractive packages, and communicating the value of subscriptions effectively, you can successfully implement season subscriptions that elevate the event experience and create a devoted fan base. Don't miss out on the opportunity to provide an enhanced and cost-effective way for your audience to enjoy your events while securing additional revenue for your organization.

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