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Steps for customizing physical ticket stock colors

If you want to select ticket colors for customizing physical ticket stock to use for your event, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Purplepass promoter dashboard

2. Select “Create New Event” on the top navigation bar or edit an existing event

Create New Event UPDATE

3. Find the section “Ticket Pricing and Options”

4. When creating your ticket types, you will see an “Options” button to the right of the page

Use this tool to select advanced options when building your event.

5. Click the button, and a pop up window will appear on the screen

6. Under the “Advanced Options” window, there is a drop down box labeled “Default color for physical ticket stock”

7. Select the appropriate color

selecting ticket color GIF
This image shows the different colors you can select when making your tickets.

8. Save your information once you have entered all the relevant details by selecting the purple button “Upload Options” located at the bottom of the window.