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Distinguishing between 'Refund' and 'Void' when processing refunds

Using the Search Orders tool, event organizers can process refunds for their customers. Sometimes when you go to process a refund it will have the option Refund or Void.

Refund: If a ticket shows as void, it means it has a zero-dollar value, indicating it was either comped through a discount code or directly by the organizer for a specific reason.

Void: On the other hand, if a ticket is refunded, it signifies that the customer originally paid for it. In this case, not only is the ticket voided and its associated seat released, but the customer also receives their money back.

refunding an order in Purplepass

Organizers who use their own merchant accounts or PayPal must manually process refunds through these services. While voiding the ticket removes it from the event's active roster, it does not automatically initiate a refund since we do not serve as their merchant services provider.

Paypal orders need to be manually refunded on PayPal.  Any other payment processor (Purplepass, TouchNet, Cardpoint,, etc) will automatically handle the refunds back to the customer. ** Even if you are using PayPal you should still mark it as refunded in Purplepass because this does several things:

  • Voids the tickets so they aren't valid for admission
  • Marks the order as refunded for record purposes
  • Updates all of the financials and reporting to ensure accurate sales data in Purplepass