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Adding recipients for the “Email Customers” tool

You can send and schedule email messages directly to your customers. Your recipients have to be from previous orders in the system. You cannot import a list of customers that are not from previous orders via Purplepass.

You have the ability to choose exactly which customers should receive the message based on various criteria. There is no charge to send email messages to your customers through Purplepass. 

Adding recipients 

  1. Log into your Purplepass promoter dashboard
  2. Select “Tools” in the upper navigation bar
  1. Select “Email Customers”
    email customers tool
  2. Select “Create new email message”
  1. Create your email by entering the required information and adding context. You have the option to schedule it or send out the email (s) customers description
  2. Create your email list by using the filter options on the rightemail customers filter option
  3.  If you don’t use the filter option, you can manually select your recipients after selecting “Save & Review”