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Using the seating map builder tools and layers options

In the seating map builder, there are a few tools you can select during the creation process to make building your map a little easier.


To locate your tool options

  1. Log in to your Purplepass promoter dashboard 
  2. Select “My Venues” in the top navigation bar
  1. Select “Edit” for the map you want to edit 
  2. A map will appear in a new window 
  1. Select "Tools" in the right-hand navigation bar
  1. Here you have the option to lock seats, images, text and shapes. That way, during editing, objects are locked into place and don't get moved around.


The layers tool show or hide elements on your map. For example, by selecting "Seat Labels" all the labels will disappear on the map. This is helpful if you have a map with a lot of layers like images, graphics, icons, seating rows, etc.