Reducing Workload

Designate 3rd Party Payouts

What if you are managing the event for someone else? Create the event under your account while designating that the payments be issued directly to that 3rd party.

A great example would be if an organization hired an event coordinator to work an event. They can create and manage all events for clients under one account and have all payments (ticket sales) be issued directly to the client.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery refers to how your guest opts to receive their tickets.

Print-at-home and digital tickets

Will call


Custom options

Promoter-Fulfilled Shipping

If you have tickets or merchandise that you would like to ship yourself, Purplepass provides you with full promoter-fulfilled shipping event management options.

When an order is placed that requires shipping, you will see all pending orders within your account. Once you package up the order and ship it out, you can mark it as shipped, so the customer knows their package is on the way.


This feature allows you to sell special items that should not count towards your venue’s total capacity.

A great example of this would be if you are selling merchandise or VIP upgrades for customers that already purchased GA tickets. If someone buys a GA ticket and a t-shirt, the GA ticket will count towards the venue capacity, but the t-shirt will not.

Inventory Management

Full control over how many tickets you have to sell. Enter all the ticket info into Purplepass and the system will automatically control sales to ensure you do not oversell your event.

If you have a limited number of VIP tickets to sell or if your venue has a limited total capacity, enter all the info into Purplepass. The event management system will automatically control sales to ensure you do not oversell your event.