User Management

Control who can see what

Give full control over exactly what the users can see and do, view-only access or view/edit privileges with partner access.

From setting view-only access to certain parts of the event to full view/edit privileges for every aspect of the event. Simply add the new user’s email address and a few basic details and the system will automatically create their login credentials and email them to the new user. This makes it very easy to grant access to 3rd party people.

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Designate 3rd Party Payouts

Managing the event for someone else? Create the event under your account but designate that the payment be issued directly to the 3rd party. A great example of this would be if you are an event coordinator that is hired by other people to manage the event.

You can create and manage events for your clients under one account and have all payments issued directly to your client using partner access.

Limit COMP Access

You can control whether or not your users have access to managing the guest list.

If you do give access to the guest list, you can even control how many guests they can add. This is great if you want to give access to certain people to add their own COMP guests to the guest list, but want to limit how many each one can add.