Custom Event Page

A custom event page makes each event uniquely yours. Add custom icons, include a large header banner, background image, promotional videos, etc. Promoters can use the media options to customize their page and showcase the event.

This includes the ability to link to performers and talent, YouTube videos, SoundCloud, and other multimedia.


Purplepass custom event pages
Creating an event url

Customization URL

Create a custom URL for your custom event page so guests can easily learn more about your event, get details, and select their tickets.

Rather than telling people to just go to Purplepass and search for the event, you can create your own custom link that is short, easy to remember, and will take them directly to your event page. This is a great option for including on flyers and sharing on social media.

Custom Messages

Leave a ‘Thank You’ or personalized message on the final receipt and confirmation email.

Or add additional notes that you want the customer to know; “Please check in for seating at or by 7:00 pm” or “This event will continue rain or shine. If you decide to cancel, you can only get a refund if it’s 24 hours in advance”.


Adding a receipt note to an order
Adding a message for staff at Purplepass

Phone support messages

Customers and promoters will automatically get free access to our 24/7/365 phone team. Customers can call us anytime to ask questions about the event, need some help, or if they want to place an order over the phone.

Promoters can pass on notes directly to our support staff so when guests call, we know how to answer some of their questions.

Checkout Questionnaires

Create custom questionnaires to survey your guests when they are purchasing tickets.

This is a great way to gather demographic information or survey their experience; how they heard about the event or who they would like to see perform next time. You can create as many questions as you want during the event creation process.

Using custom questions at checkout