Single Day Event
Create events that start and stop on the same day
Multi-day Event
Create events that span multiple days

An example of this would be a weekend long festival that starts on Friday and ends on Sunday

Recurring Events
Create events that repeat on a schedule

An example of this would be an event that occurs every Friday, every 1st of the month, or even on a custom schedule where you can set a custom date and time. This is ideal for theater productions where you may have different show times for a given production.

Season Passes
Build out custom packaged season passes that span multiple events

This can be used in a variety of ways beyond standard season passes. Season passes support assigned seating and general admission. For assigned seating events, your guests will be able to select their own seat for each event that is within the pass. If your season has several productions with many show times for each one, you can even allow the guest to choose their own show time for each production then choose their own seat for each.

There are several ways to handle group ticketing with Purplepass. One way is to utilize our auto-triggering coupon codes to apply the defined discount for a certain number of tickets. Another way to do group tickets is by utilizing packages and passes. The last way is to define a minimum quantity the customer much purchase to buy a particular priced ticket.

For example, you can create a 10 pack of GA tickets at a discount where the customer buys the one group package and they will receive 10 tickets. This is also great for things like weekend passes, family packs, or for special package deals that include other things like merchandise and memorabilia.


Create an event that requires payment. Customers can pay online or over the phone using any Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card. As the event organizer, you can process sales on the back end via credit card, cash, check, gift card, voucher, or you can even COMP the order.


You have complete flexibility in building out your package deals – Be creative! With the package feature, you can create a package of items that the customer will receive when they buy that item.

An example of a package deal would a weekend pass where the guest will get a separate ticket for each day of the multi-day festival.  Another example would be a family pack where they can get 2 adult tickets and 2 children tickets at a discount.

Reservation mode allows your guests reserve GA tickets or reserved seats but pay for them later.

As the event organizer, you can process payments later through your promoter login via credit card, cash, check, gift cards, vouchers, or even just COMP the transaction. This is excellent if you want to allow your guests to mail in checks, pay by cash later, or even if you are a school or organization that wants to charge the tickets to their account.

If you are doing an event where you do not want to charge and instead just want people to register or RSVP, you can create a free RSVP only event.

Guests are still required to select the number of tickets they want and enter their information to complete the order, despite not paying for anything.  We also do not charge any service fees on RSVP events.