Guest List


Promoters use free COMP tickets for staff, media, production, friends, etc.

Manage your COMPs electronically by adding them to the event guest lists or even emailing them a COMP print-at-home ticket. This allows your COMPs to have a ticket in hand and ready to go when they arrive at the event.

the guest list form for creating a contact

Bulk Upload

If you have a list of COMP guests you need to add to your event guest lists or if you have a usual set of people you COMP for your event, easily mass upload them

Access To List

Download PDF: An alphabetized PDF list will be generated and automatically sent to you.

Email: Have the list emailed to you at any time.

Fax: Have the list faxed to you when presale ends.

Print: Access to the PDF list so you can print it out.

Box Office: Access to guest list COMPs at check-in.

Scanners: Professional scanners include guest list COMP smart data so you can look up your guests.

Email via P@H or will call

If you want your guest to have a ticket in advance, you can issue them a print-at-home ticket electronically by email.

You can also choose to add a guest as will call, which will require them to check in when they arrive. This is useful for people like photographers that may need to pick up their media badge before entering the event.