Ticket Widgets: The Benefits and Why You Should Use Them

With a ticket widget, take the guesswork out of promoting, selling, and tracking ticket sales for any event you are planning. From hosting a single event to showcasing lists and calendar events, ticket widgets are a must-have for any event planner today.

What is a Ticket Widget?

A ticket widget is a digital script that allows you to implement and integrate your very own ticketing process directly on your website.


Rather than redirecting your visitors to a third-party website or an off-site ticketing service, using a built-in ticketing widget helps streamline the entire promotional, listing, buying, and tracking processes. 

Integrating a ticket widget into your website is ideal for anyone interested in a white-label branded ticketing solution for their own business, brand, or special event. 

Types of ticket widgets - Purplepass

There are multiple ticket widgets available depending on your event needs and the features and functionality you are seeking for your ticketing solution.

With Purplepass, you can choose from three options for hosting events: single events, list events, and calendar events. single-widget-type-PurplepassSingle: When your focus is on planning and overseeing a solitary event, it's suitable to utilize a widget designed for a single occasion.



List: If you're dealing with several events that don't quite fill up an entire calendar, displaying your variety of events through a list-oriented widget is effective.



Calendar: Opt for a calendar-style event setup if you're coordinating numerous events at the same time, a common scenario for entities like theaters or extensive venues.

Having many types of ticket widgets can help with planning and managing any type of event, from a tight-knit wedding to a massive movie festival or fundraiser for your local school. 


Why you should be using a ticket widget

Customizable Brand-Centric Experience

For those organizing events and preferring a ticket-selling solution that aligns with their own brand, a ticket widget offers an ideal white-label solution. This means the product comes free of any identifying marks, watermarks, or advertisements from the widget provider, enabling you to feature your branding elements.

These customizable ticket widgets allow for the incorporation of your distinct logos and color themes, ensuring a completely integrated and cohesive brand experience.


Seamless User Experience

One significant advantage of utilizing advanced ticket widgets is the elimination of the need to redirect users during the ticket-purchasing journey on your website.

These widgets integrate effortlessly into your website, offering users the convenience of exploring, comparing, and buying tickets directly on the platform without the interruption of being sent to an external site or third-party provider.


Streamlined Ticketing Operations

Employing ticket widgets significantly simplifies your entire ticketing operation. These comprehensive tools remove the complexity of planning and executing ticket sales by offering an integrated management solution.

Instead of manually handling sales with separate lists or charts, this system organizes the process and provides real-time access to essential data on sales and other ticketing metrics. This efficiency means you can devote more focus to optimizing your upcoming event, without the distraction of administrative tasks.


Flexible Integration Options

Ticket widgets offer the versatility to be incorporated into various online environments, whether it's a basic single-page website or a bustling online portal, provided you have the necessary permissions for the site or page.

You can strategically place your ticket sales section anywhere on your site to capture the most visitor attention. Additionally, there's the capability to include multiple widgets, particularly useful when organizing several events or serving multiple clients simultaneously. This approach is also beneficial for hosting multiple events at a single venue or different events catering to diverse audiences.


Zero Coding Skills Necessary

Ticket widgets are the perfect solution for those seeking a ticketing system that doesn't demand any coding expertise.

These widgets are not just advantageous for streamlining ticket sales and management; they are also incredibly user-friendly for individuals who might not have a background in tech or coding. This ease of use makes the tool accessible and practical for a broader range of users, facilitating a more efficient ticketing process.

Using ticket widgets is not only a way to help your prospective customers easily make ticket purchases, but it also provides an opportunity to present events in a professional and streamlined manner. With a ticket widget, boost your event’s visibility and your ability to attract buyers and event attendees.   

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