The 4 Secrets To Selling Event Tickets With Youtube

In the past, we’ve touched on using Facebook and Twitter to sell tickets, and we still highly recommend both of those platforms. But they aren’t our favorite. That honor belongs to YouTube. With 1.9 billion people, YouTube sits right behind Facebook in terms of total people accessing the social platform. But in terms of video consumption, YouTube leads the way. People watch over 1 billion hours of video daily on YouTube... that’s 8.4 minutes per person on the planet.

So, why do we love this video marketing powerhouse so much? Let’s look at how you can use YouTube to sell TONS of event tickets and boost sales with this free platform. 

What is YouTube?

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YouTube is a social website where people go to upload and consume video content. That’s it! But for consumers, YouTube is the defacto place to go view videos, and that makes all the difference.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine (that’s how many people are trying to watch video!) and second-biggest website, and that’s because people go bananas for YouTube videos. People like watching content on YouTube 4x more than Facebook and Instagram and 80% of people watching YouTube videos admit that they actively watch videos to help them make purchasing decisions.

So, what is YouTube? It’s the world’s leading video marketing platform. Why is that a big deal? Here’s why.

The Power of Video Marketing

81% of businesses are now using video marketing for a reason — it’s where people are. 78% of people watch videos online weekly, and videos will make up 82% of ALL internet traffic by 2022. Even Facebook’s execs think that the platform will be fully video-enabled (no text or images) by 2021.

Video is taking over the world. 72% of people would rather learn about an event via video. Around 50% of people look at videos of events BEFORE attending them. Plus, 85% of people want to see more content from brands, and 52% of marketers think video has the highest ROI of any marketing strategy.

So start making some videos for your events! And the best place to put those videos is YouTube. Here’s how you do it.

1. Start By Creating Event Videos

Remember, almost half of all people who land on your event website or find your event via Google are going to go straight to YouTube and start looking for videos. The video they find should be yours! 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded video.

Don’t miss that opportunity! Make sure that the cinematography is amazing and try to keep it short (videos under 2 minutes typically have the highest engagement rates.)

Try to make your videos informative. Footage of past events works wonders as well as one-on-one sit downs with you, the event planner, to answer questions also works well. Your goal is to answer this big question “what is the event like?” through video.

If you are serious about creating a promo video for your event, check out these tips to keep in mind during the creation process below. 

2. Engage With People

Over 50% of YouTube videos generate comments. We know what you’re thinking — “that’s not that high of a number.” Well, over 300 hours of video are added to YouTube every minute. So, we’re talking about an ocean of content and people are still finding over half of it and leaving comments. Here’s the great thing — the competition is low. 

You’re putting out a well-filmed video about your event — you’ll get some comments. When you do,engage with them! Always engage! It helps you grow and nurture real, tangible relationships with your attendees.

3. Create an Event Page

Your YouTube account should act as its own event page to sell tickets. You want to drop some testimonials, some highlights, and a bunch of different videos (that are well organized) all over your profile page. You want as many subscribers as possible and you want everyone looking for more information to be able to easily find it.

But... you also want a website.

Why? Because we’re using marketing funnels here — not straight lines. Some people are going to take a little longer to nurture. They may want to read some of your content, find your Facebook page (which should be linked in the description!), and get a better feel for your brand.

Post your website in the comments/description and your social media accounts. But, that’s not all you should be posting. You want a link to your tickets for all those eager beavers who are ready to buy after watching your videos.

4. Sell Your Tickets!

Shove a link to your tickets in the comments section. Do it! Remember, over 60% of people who watch branded videos make a purchase. Give them the opportunity!

You can also ask users you’re engaging with if they’re interested in your tickets, but you have to be careful. Don’t come off too... salesy. If a user seems a little hesitant, redirect them to your website for some more nurturing. Otherwise, get them to buy!

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