Enhancing Guest Communication: A Comprehensive Guide for Event Planners

Effective communication is paramount in ensuring a successful event. By keeping guests informed and engaged throughout the entire event lifecycle, you can enhance their experience, increase attendance, and foster lasting connections.

In this blog post, we will provide valuable tips for convention and conference planners on guest communication strategies before, during, and after the event. From utilizing SMS and emails to leveraging event apps, we'll explore various channels to keep attendees informed, engaged, and prepared for a memorable experience.


Pre-Event Guest Communication

  • Welcome emails: Send personalized welcome emails to registered guests, including essential event details, such as date, time, location, and a brief overview of the agenda. This sets the tone for the event and creates anticipation.

  • Event website and FAQs: Maintain an updated event website with a dedicated FAQ section, addressing common questions regarding logistics, transportation, accommodation, and session details. Provide clear and concise information to ensure guests are well-prepared.

  • Mobile event app: Introduce a mobile event app that allows guests to access personalized schedules, session descriptions, speaker bios, and real-time updates. Encourage attendees to download the app well in advance and provide guidance on its usage.

  • Pre-event surveys: Gain valuable insights from guests through pre-event surveys, asking about their preferences, expectations, and specific requirements. Use this feedback to tailor the event and personalize their experience.


Communication During the Event

  • Real-time event updates: Utilize SMS, push notifications, or in-app alerts to provide real-time updates during the event. This includes session changes, room assignments, schedule adjustments, and any relevant announcements. Keep guests informed and address any unforeseen circumstances promptly.

  • Interactive event app features: Leverage interactive features within the event app, such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities. Encourage guests to actively engage with the app to enhance their experience and facilitate connections.

  • Dedicated communication channels: Establish dedicated channels for guest inquiries and support, such as a help desk, on-site information booth, or a designated email address. Ensure there are knowledgeable staff members available to promptly address any concerns or questions.

  • Wayfinding and signage: Create clear wayfinding signage throughout the event venue to help guests navigate the space effortlessly. Include directional signs, session schedules, and maps to guide attendees to various locations within the convention or conference.

  • Attendee networking: Facilitate networking opportunities by providing a platform or designated areas for guests to connect with peers, speakers, and sponsors. Encourage guests to exchange contact information and foster meaningful connections during the event.


Post-Event Follow-Up 

  • Post-event survey and feedback: Send a post-event survey to gather feedback from guests about their overall experience. Request suggestions for improvement, testimonials, and insights to enhance future events. Show appreciation for their participation by offering incentives, such as exclusive content or discounts for upcoming events.

  • Follow-up emails: Send personalized follow-up emails to express gratitude to attendees for their participation. Include highlights from the event, links to event resources, and additional information on future events or relevant content.

  • Social media engagement: Maintain an active presence on social media platforms post-event. Share event photos, videos, and testimonials to keep the excitement alive and encourage guests to share their experiences. Respond to comments and engage with attendees to maintain a sense of community.

  • Content sharing: Provide access to recorded sessions, presentation slides, or additional resources through the event website or app. Allow guests to revisit valuable content and share it with their colleagues, extending the event's impact beyond its duration.


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Effective guest communication is vital for the success of conventions and conferences. By implementing pre-event, during-event, and post-event communication strategies, such as personalized emails, real-time updates through apps, interactive features, and post-event follow-up, you can ensure that guests stay informed, engaged, and well-prepared for an exceptional event experience.

Embrace these tips to create a seamless communication flow that fosters attendee satisfaction and establishes a strong foundation for future events.

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