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Setting up an SMS text message option for customers

If you want to offer the options for customers to receive SMS text messages related to events, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Purplepass promoter dashboard
  2. Select “Tools” in the top navigation bar
  1. Select the “SMS Marketing” tab in the side navigation bar or the box on the main page

    SMS messaging tool page
  2. Once on the page, select “Send SMS", and you can now create your text message to send to customers. Note: before this step, customers need to opt in to receive your SMS messages. This can only happen when they purchase a ticket for your event.  Select the “Options” box to create your opt-in message.
Custom opt-in pop up window

Opting-in Customers

Custom Opt-In Message: This message will be displayed to customers when they are asked to subscribe and is your opportunity to explain why they should opt-in to your list. Some ideas include early access to presale tickets, coupon codes for discounts, or even an opportunity to win free tickets, upgrades, or meet & greets.

Sending Frequency: How many messages they should expect to receive from you (e.g. 2-3 per month).

Auto-refill: If you run out of credits while sending messages, you can have your account auto-refilled. Choose how many credits you would like to purchase when you run out.

Creating your SMS Marketing campaign

Once you click the “Send SMS” box on the homepage, a pop-up window titled “Create SMS Message” will appear.

  1. In the first box “Campaign Name” select the option from the drop-down menu or type a new campaign name
Create SMS Message popup
  1. In the “Message” field below, enter your text message. If you go over 160 characters, you’ll be charged for another credit.
  1. Under the “Schedule” section, either select to set the exact start date/time or select “Start Immediately”. If you choose to set a schedule, enter the date and time, and you can also filter who receives the text message by using the “Filter” option on the right of the screen.
SMS schedule button
  1. You can filter by; Event, Method, Fulfillment, Ticket Price, Ticket Type, By Package, Any Coupon Used, Specific Coupon Code Used, Any admission status, and All days on Sale.
Pointing to filter form
  1. Click the purple “Preview” button at the bottom of the window when you are finished entering your information

When the “Preview” window appears, you can “Save as Draft” by clicking the black button at the bottom of the window, or you can select the white “Back” button, or if you want to send the text message, you can click the purple “Yes” button to send.

sending SMS message to customers