11 Ways to Improve Your Online Event Registration for the New Year

When you are planning an event for the holidays or promoting a product or service you provide, consider offering an online registration to save time and hassle from a traditional event registration process (physical tickets, waiting in long lines, etc.).

Knowing how to improve your online event registration for the new year can help you streamline the planning process while maximizing turnout and overall attendance.



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1. Create a user-friendly registration process

Creating a user-friendly registration process is a top priority whenever you are creating an online event registration page or website. Ensure that your registration process is not only accessible via mobile phones, tablets, and various browsers but that it is easily accessible for even those who are new to registering for an event online.

Verify that the registration process is

  • Straightforward
  • Easy to read
  • Any text boxes or text fields that must be filled out can be done via mobile as well
  • Limit the amount of pages they have to go through to purchase tickets
  • Create a website or landing page with all the event info in one place
  • Support purchases and payment processing online


2. Ensure fast loading speeds

With any website, loading speeds matter.

A website that takes longer than a few seconds to load is more likely to perform poorly in terms of traffic and SEO, regardless of the quality of content or products you offer. Use a web hosting provider that provides a minimum 99.99% uptime guarantee besides lighting fast speeds.

loading-speed-test-online-GoogleFast loading speeds cannot be underestimated, especially when attempting to hold a user’s attention during the registration process.


3. Be mobile-friendly

Building a mobile-friendly online event registration website is also necessary, even if your goal is to target individuals browsing via a traditional web browser.

Because more users turn to smartphones and tablet devices to browse the internet than ever, it is imperative to ensure your online registration event page loads properly across all devices.


4. Offer sharable links

Offering sharable links on your event registration website can help to promote social media sharing and encourage users to spread the word about your upcoming event.

Use sharable links to boost your event page’s SEO, or search engine optimization leading up to your event.


5. Offer multiple ticket types (If applicable)

If possible, and applicable, offer multiple ticket types for your event. The more ticket types you offer and the more flexible potential attendees view your event, the better the turnout is likely to be.

ticket-types-and-season-pass-optionsOffering both printable and digital tickets or QR code tickets is another way to encourage registration by offering more flexibility for those interested in attending.


6. Accept as many payment types as you can online

When creating an online event registration page, it is advisable to accept as many payment types as you can use your payment processing provider of choice.

Allowing prospective attendees to pay via credit card, debit card, PayPal, Square, cryptocurrency, or another third-party service will encourage those to attend who are on the fence. The more payment options that are available to potential attendees, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Convenience matters with online event registration pages.


7. Provide online and/or phone support

One of the best ways to establish a positive rapport with customers and those who want to support your business is to provide online support and/or phone support.

Offering both online support and phone support for your event registration process is not only a way to build trust with your audience, but it is also a way to establish your company as authentic, and trustworthy.


8. Offer discounts for select groups

Offer discounts for your event(s) for select groups, such as military, veterans, seniors, students, and so on.

coupon-codes-Aug-20-2021-04-48-26-22-PMOffering discounts to select groups will encourage and motivate sales among specific target groups you intend to target based on the type of event you are hosting as well as the time of year you are hosting the event.


9. Ensure that your branding is cohesive

Cohesive branding cannot be overlooked when planning and building an online event registration page. Even if you are building a singular event registration page separate from your original website or blog, it is imperative to ensure that your registration page’s branding is as cohesive as possible.

Your event page’s branding should mimic and mirror the branding used on your official website, social media, and even on official business cards or products you offer.

Online event pages that do not use the same branding as their official company may appear untrustworthy or as scams to visitors and those who have an interest in attending.



Create multiple ticket types for your event

VIP, season passes, family packages, student
discounts...create what you need!


10. Be upfront and transparent with policies

Always be as transparent as possible with your event and corporate policies as a business.

Be upfront regarding terms and conditions that you require attendees to accept when registering for your event. Avoid hiding any hidden fees or policies that may be controversial or disruptive.

Be forthcoming about any refund policy you have in place for your upcoming event to avoid disconnect and disgruntled guests.


11. Provide a digital QR code for checking in

If you want to provide your guests with an opportunity to skip the need to print their tickets for your upcoming event, consider providing a digital QR code for checking in.

Using QR codes for checking in is another way to help streamline the event registration and checking-in processes for all of your guests and attendees. By using QR codes, help your guests to check in faster to your event, providing them with more time to enjoy the event rather than waiting in line for a manual check-in process, which can cause significant delays.

printathomeImproving your online event registration for the new year can help you streamline the planning and registration process of all of your corporate events.

With the new year around the corner, an updated online registration system is a great way to attract newcomers and keep loyal customers or clients coming back for more.

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