10 Ways to Plan a Corporate Event That is Actually Fun!

Planning a corporate event may sound dry, boring, and even entirely uninspiring if you are only familiar with traditional workplace conferences.

However, it is possible to plan a corporate event that is not only fun, but extremely effective at motivating employees and boosting morale. With a bit of creativity and brainstorming, you can make your next corporate event a memorable one. 


#1 Feature engaging speakers

Find engaging speakers that are not only relevant to your business and attendees but also enjoyable to listen to and watch.

Engaging speakers use confidence and a speaking voice that helps others gravitate toward them. Seek speakers who prefer attending events and those who bring something to your event that is not available anywhere else.

The more engaging a speaker is, the more likely your attendees are to enjoy themselves.  


#2 Choose the right presentation format

Keep the information that you provide and share at your corporate event short and sweet. Provide outlines of lectures and/or talks to give a heads up to those who might attend.

If you are new to planning a corporate event, turn to successful events such as Ted and TedX for inspiration on presentation formatting. 



#3 Create a schedule and daily itinerary for your event

Offer a schedule and a daily itinerary of your corporate event, especially if your event is over one day. When you plan a corporate event, it is always advisable to provide printed schedules and itineraries for guests and speakers.

Provide the program and itinerary information at your event and in printed materials to ensure guests know what to expect. 


#4 Provide material to follow along with

Use printed programs to help attendees determine which talks and presentations are appealing and relevant to them.

Printed program guides can help direct guests and minimize confusion, especially if you intend to plan a corporate event that lasts multiple days or hosts many speakers and presenters simultaneously. 


#5 Provide food for attendees and speakers

Provide food for all attendees and guests at your corporate event.

You can choose to provide catering breakfast, lunch, or even a full dinner for your attendees, depending on the time(s) of your event. Your attendees will thank you.


#6 Give breaks and fill the day with activities 

Give breaks to guests in between seminars and speeches.

Provide activities and fun games for attendees to enjoy while they are exploring the location of the event or as they are taking a break from a presentation they are interested in.

Providing breaks will prevent attendees from becoming too restless, bored, or distracted. Walking breaks and breaks during any corporate event can also help those who attend to feel more refreshed for the rest of the corporate event as the day goes on. 


#7 Offer multiple seminars and speaking sessions

One way to make an attractive corporate event is to offer multiple speaking sessions and seminars simultaneously. Providing multiple speaking sessions, seminars, and presentations at once provides your guests and attendees with choice.

When attendees have a choice at a corporate event, the event is more likely to be viewed as a success.

Forcing attendees to visit a set number of speeches and presentations will not help your future corporate events to attract guests, which is why it is advisable to offer multiple choices for those who attend.

Offering over one speaker or presenter simultaneously also helps diversify the atmosphere of any corporate event. As you plan a corporate event, it is important to consider what type of atmosphere and environment you envision for the event and experience. 


#8 Offer a hybrid experience 

Another way to plan a corporate event that may help you increase viewership and attendance is to offer a hybrid experience. When you plan a corporate event today, you are no longer limited to traditional halls and rental spaces. Instead, you also have the option of providing a virtual streaming solution for your next corporate event or gathering.

Offering a hybrid experience is optimal for those who work with employees who are living out of state or even internationally.

Hybrid experiences are more likely to result in a higher turnout, as it provides flexibility for prospective guests and attendees who cannot attend in person, but would do so from home if they were permitted.


#9 Give out goody bags and schwag

If you want your next corporate event to be remembered, consider giving out good bags of branded merchandise, or schwag.

Giving out goody bags of schwag is a great way to generate buzz surrounding your corporate event while getting your guests and attendees talking. Besides giving out your own brand’s merchandise and schwag, you can also use your corporate event to appeal to vendors and sponsors, who also contribute their own schwag and branded merchandise to give away. 


#10 Host games and ice breakers for guests and attendees 

Host games and ice breakers for your guests and attendees at your next corporate event. Hosting games and ice breakers help attendees get to know one another better while also making the environment of the corporate event much more casual and welcoming.

Ice breakers and games will break up the monotony of a corporate event, helping it to feel more like a relaxing outing with co-workers and friends.

The next time you plan a corporate event, you can do so without it becoming boring, dry, and less than desirable.

The right corporate event is not only helpful to any business, but it can also provide plenty of opportunities to mingle with co-workers, bond with colleagues, and take a step back from the monotony of everyday life. 

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