5 Unique Sporting Games to Host at Your Next Event

Providing fun activities for event attendees will make it more exciting and hopefully encourage future participation at your event.

Having unique or unusual sports that are engaging and fast-paced could be a big hit and entertain guests for hours.

Check out these unique sport games you can easily host for your next event that most people have never heard of.  


1. Hantis 

students playing Hantis

Hantis, in short-terms, is hand tennis, a unique game that works well for a variety of gatherings and functions. High school students devised this game using only tables and tennis balls.

The game requires at least two tables and tennis balls. 

  • Spacing for the tables depends on the experience of the players. Beginners should space the tables three feet apart, and those who have more experience can place the tables four feet apart.

  • There is a designated serving table and the ball must bounce off of the serving table first.  

Much like ping pong, there is a line of scrimmage dividing the tables.

  • Each player gets a maximum of two hits and the ball can bounce off of the tables no more than two times and the balls are struck or hit to the opposing team.

  • For each instance of contact, the opposing team receives a point. Players are also allowed to strike the ball with any part of their body!

This game may also be played in rotations to allow multiple players during a single game. During rotational play, when each player misses, another player steps in to take their place.

There is a recommended maximum of 12 players with four tables.

You can have this game available to play at conferences, team building events, and community picnics. 



2. Balloon popping games

families playing water balloon toss game

Balloon popping games are fun, exciting, and simple, which makes them a perfect choice for family geared events or networking parties encouraging people to get off their feet and mingle.

Here are balloon popping games to try at your next event:

  • Balloon Stomping

This game works for all ages. The game is simple, and it starts with participants lined up at opposing sides. At the sound of the signal (bell, whistle, etc.), each contestant from each side races to the mark to stomp their balloon first.

Once the balloon is popped, the next team member tags off and races to pop the next balloon forming a relay race with balloons. 


  • Water Balloon Toss

It starts with participants being divided into teams of two. Each team gets a water balloon to toss across for their partner to catch. After each throw they take a step back, similar to an egg toss. The team left with a balloon intact wins the game.

There can be several teams playing at once which makes it great for large events and encourages a little friendly competition. 


3. Blo-ball

man is playing Blo-ball

Another unique and fast-paced sports game to add to the mix is Blo-Ball.

This game is very similar to table tennis, except the ball is blown to the opposing side rather than struck with a paddle. 

This particular game can be played as a singles match or with multiple players. 

Scoring occurs when each player serves the ball and must reach eleven points to win the game. However, the winner must win by at least two points.

This game requires a large space such as a gymnasium, a large convention space, or an outdoor picnic area. 

4. Giant pick up sticks

giant pick up sticks game

This game is played exactly like the regular-sized version if you are familiar with it, except now it has been SUPERSIZED.

A player starts by standing up the sticks vertically and lets them drop to the ground. Players then take turns picking up a stick without moving the other sticks.

The player to pick up the most sticks without moving the others wins. Supplies for this game can be found online such as at Amazon or party supply stores. 



5. Tugball

Tugball is a game that involves the use of a special round ball with eight ropes attached. The rules are very similar to football including inceptions, a pass, or catching the ball. Players can all have a tugging match to gain control of the ball. 

  • The players then run to one side of the playing field to score three points.
  • If both teams have possession of the ball, they have a tug off to win similar to tug-a-war.
  • After each play there is a tugging match to win control of the ball for the next play.

This is a great game for children, young adults, or physically active individuals. 

Try incorporating these unique, fun games at your next event to keep your audience entertained from start to finish. Decide which activity level works best for your target audience and let them know to dress for fun, and new activities so they will be ready to have a blast. 

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