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Using integrations to maximize your reach when posting events

If you are searching for ways to improve your event’s reach and traffic, try using integrations with different platforms via Purplepass. 

  1. Log in to your Purplepass promoter dashboard
  2. Select “Create New Event” at the top of the page in the navigation bar
Create New Event UPDATE
  1. Go to the first section, “The Basics”
Basic information
  1. Find “Show event to the public:” and check “Yes (Visible)” This is where you can select if the event is visible.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the entire page and save your work 

Connecting your integrations

  1. Select “Tools” in the top navigation bar
  1. Select “Integrations” in the left navigation bar or select the box on the main page
This is the homepage for the integration options via Purplepass.
  1. Here is where you can view different integration options. Select the platform you want to integrate. Note: If you see a green “Enabled” button, that means the syndication is already linked and being used.
  1. To enable, click the gray button “Disabled” and a pop-up box will appear
  1. Select “Enable syndication” and then for the option “Which events to syndicate” click the type of events you want to show. That way, if you’re hosting a hidden event, that integration won’t be enabled unless made public.
  1. Click the purple “Save” button at the bottom of the pop-up box
  2. By selecting our discovery integrations (Eventful, Evensi, etc.), you are allowing them to post your event for the public to view on their platform, increasing your rate of discovery.