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Ticket scanning equipment and printers not functioning properly


  1. “LP Disconnected” - hit the home button on the iPhone to minimize the Purplepass Pro app, wait a second, then go back into the app.  It should reset the connection.
  2. All ticket scanning as invalid - Check to see if you are on the correct event.  To switch events, hit the settings button in the upper left-hand corner. Then select Change Event.
  3. Ticket scanning is being sluggish - Try switching WIFI or check to see how strong the cellular service is. Also, if you’re in a crowded event, turning off 4G/5G connectivity may work.
  4. If all else fails, Try logging out and back in or restart the device completely 


  1. Loud sounds and no tickets coming out - Open the printer and check for jams.  Reset the paper into the printer. Power cycle printer.
  2. No response at all from printer (when using a computer):
    • Check to see if QZ tray is open.  If not, shut down browser, start QZ tray and reopen browser to the box office
    • If the QZ tray is open, close it and the browser completely. Reopen everything, starting with the QZ tray first. 
    • Check your box office settings - Reselect the printers from the printer drop down to ensure the correct ones are selected. 
  3. Multiple blank tickets are coming out of the Boca printer after I print an order- Open the printer casing and look for the black sensors under the track where the tickets pass through.  Blow off the sensors with a can of compressed air and try to print again. 

If your equipment is still not working, contact your Purplepass client-care representative or email us at