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Routine maintenance for my Boca ticket printer

This support article goes over the routine maintenance that should be performed on the Boca printer periodically. For instructions on setting up your ticket printer(s), you can download our setup guide.

  1. Adjusting the paper guide
  2. Cleaning the print head
  3. Cleaning the Platen (rubber drive roller)
  4. Cleaning the optical sensors

Adjusting the paper guide

Check the slider bar, making sure it's adjusted for the proper width of the stock. If adjusted too far, it can cause the tickets to print out crooked or skip altogether.

  1. Adjust the slider bar to the fully open position
  2. Insert the ticket stock you are using into the paper guide
  3. Adjust the slider bar to the right ticket width.

NOTE: Make sure the bar allows the tickets to move freely down the track without any resistance.

Cleaning the print head

  1. Start with your printer powered off and the AC core disconnected.

NOTE: Do not unplug the cable from the print head.

  1. Remove the screws and take off the cover on your printer
  2. Lift the cam lock assembly to remove the pressure from the thermal head
  1. Position the cam lock lever as far forward as possible
  1. Flip the head back to the rear of the printer. 
  1. Lift the print head mounting plate straight out
  1. Moisten a cotton swap or lint-free cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe side to side on the black part of the printer head
  1. Install the head mounting plate by reversing the above procedures. Make sure the print head mounting plate tabs are in the correct print cage slots.
  1. Apply pressure to the head by pushing down on the cam lock assembly
  2. Your printer is now ready to go

Cleaning the platen (rubber roller)

The Platen should be cleaned yearly to prevent dust build-up.

  1. Remove the print head
  2. Clean the platen
  1. Apply a small amount of Isopropyl alcohol onto a paper towel to clean the rubber roller
  2. Clean only the part of the roller that makes contact with the media
  3. Rotate the roller clockwise a little and repeat the cleaning process. 

Cleaning the optical sensors

  1. Using canned air or something that blows air, blow the air over the Opto eyes
  1. Once the opto eye is cleaned, install the head by reversing the steps for "cleaning the head" above
  2. Restore pressure to the head by pushing down on the cam lock lever