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The benefits of ordering ticket stock for an event

Ordering ticket stock for an event provides a variety of different benefits of ordering ticket stock to both the event organizer and attendees. 

  1. Allows you to provide merchants, venues, staff and volunteers with a physical ticket that can be easily transported or sold anywhere, at any time.
  2. Tickets can act not only as an entry pass, but a souvenir for those who wish to save their tickets or add them to a collection. For example, a special event, awards show, lifetime achievement or favorite concert are instances where many attendees will want to keep their ticket stubs. If you are looking to promote and sell tickets outside of your local community, having physical ticket stock on hand makes it easy to sell them in different locations. 
  1. Offers increased security by way of preventing unauthorized entry through the use of barcodes, holograms, guilloche patterns, and serial numbers. Features such as tamper-evident holograms and guilloche patterns make duplication nearly impossible while serial numbers and tracking codes help account for each guest.
  1. Traditional ticket stock can also make the admission process faster and simplifies entry at the gate.
  2. One crucial aspect that comes with using mobile tickets over physical, is the need for your guests to have a smart device. 

Pro Tip: giving your guests the option to use a physical ticket or print one at home can ease their minds and avoid them scrambling to figure out the latest technology. 

  1. Ordering ticket stock gives you the opportunity to customize the look of your ticket, making it stand out professionally while being personalized to your event - this being especially true to full color ticket stock.