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Purplepass equipment offered to promoters

There are few equipment options for promoters to use for collections for events. Some of the equipment includes the following.

  1.  Purplepass Pro mobile app for scanning tickets - Available on iOS and Android.
  1. Professional Wireless Scanners - Used by major companies and sporting events around the world. They are iPhone based and come in handheld and pistol grip versions. They can issue refunds, scan tickets, manually admit orders, and more.
  1. USB scanners and USB credit card swipes - Plugs into the computer. This requires the use of the web based box office on the "Scan Tickets" tab.
  1. The Mobile Box Office - It has a built-in credit card swipe and cellular internet. You can also use it to scan tickets.   A receipt printer can be linked to it and can be used to print and operate a cash drawer.  You even collect tips. It’s a complete POS system that is 100% mobile.