Option for guests for guest to like your Facebook page


Ask or require customers to like your page

You can easily allow, or even require, a customer to like your Facebook page upon checkout. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Purplepass promoter dashboard
  2. Edit an existing event or select “Create New Event” in the top navigation menucreate new event
  3. Once the pop-up carousel opens, select “Create One Time Event”. Note: If you have a current event, hit “Edit” on that event to get to this same place

    This is a pop up for selecting a one time event.

  4. Enter the relevant information for the event until reaching the “Additional Options” section

    The shows were you can turn on the Facebook integration.

  5. Check the first box titled “Enable Facebook Options”

    This image shows were users need to enter their Facebook URL.

  6. Check either the “Request your guests to ‘Like’ the Facebook page before purchasing tickets”, or the last box titled “Require your guest to ‘Like’ the Facebook page before they are able to buy tickets”

    This image is the option to require guests to like your Facebook page.