How to Work Effectively from Home: 20 Tips for Every Professional

Jobs working from home are gaining more and more popularity thanks to the current situation in the world. Online work from home and remote work from home is now more of a necessity than ever, even for those who have never worked this way before. 

Unfortunately for many, such a transition to work from home has been difficult. Such questions as “When to work?” and “How to work from home?” arise immediately–and it’s not always easy to answer them.

Hence, here is how to work effectively from home by using these twenty must-follow tips for every professional.

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#1 First, don’t be too hard on yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself because this may lead you to develop high levels of stress. Such a “strict” mindset puts you under pressure, but it can also prevent you from being productive as stress is counterproductive. Don’t set unachievable aims for yourself to do while working from home, instead stay focused and put out quality work. 

#2 Create a schedule

You should definitely create a schedule for yourself.

A daily schedule will help you stay consistent, concentrated, organized, and productive. You will meet your daily goals and complete work quotas while also having time to rest, eat, hang out with your family, etc.

#3 Don’t overthink or mess around

If you overthink too much about the effects of working from home, you might end up completing your tasks incorrectly or poorly. Messing around to kill time is not an excellent solution either. Treat your remote working just like you would treat your normal job (e.g. don’t get distracted on family matters).

  • Hide your personal cell phone or smart devices
  • Create an office space blocked off from the rest of the house
  • Hang signs to let people know when you're free or do not disturb 

#4 Develop a morning ritual

A morning ritual is a set of tasks or actions you complete in the morning to wake up and prepare for work. You can dress up, brush your hair, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, walk your dog, and help your family to get ready too.

Only then can you allow yourself to sit down at your desk and start working, fully prepared for your day.

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#5 List some rules for those around you

Speaking of your family, you need to list some rules for them to follow like we mentioned above. If you don’t make a set of rules, those around you might become a regular distraction.

  • Setting office hour times as well as breaks for socializing at home
  • House quiet hours
  • Use signs (see above) to outline the rules of the office

#6 Take breaks throughout the day

One thing you should definitely incorporate into your schedule is several breaks for resting. If you want to stay consistently energized and productive during the day, you will need to have at least several breaks both for small snacks and dinner.

#7 Leave the house!

Another reason why breaks are necessary is that leaving the house from time to time can be good for your brain; a natural reset.

Go for a walk in nature by yourself or with your dog or take a break to exercise. Exercising on your lunch or break acts as a great reset for the day, gets your body moving and offers relief from sitting all day.

Daily exercise can also: 

  • Boost your concentration and productivity 
  • Give you extra energy for the rest of the day 
  • Effect your moods and attitude in a positive way 
  • Decrease your risk of disease affiliated with desk jobs 
  • Relieve any stress put on your body from sitting

#8 Get the right supplies

Before you work, getting the right supplies can make for an easier workweek. 

If you need special equipment like a scanner or a printer, make sure you have one. If you can’t function without coffee, get an office coffee maker. What you're use to working with in the office, should be incorporated into your office space to make an easier transition. Plus you won't be scrambling for supplies during the week if everything is ready to go Sunday night. 

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#9 Have your own workspace

As mentioned earlier, a separate room that you consider your office is a must.

You need a workspace to do your job correctly and perform at the same level that you maintained at your regular job. Your workspace needs to be organized and comfortable, with enough space to keep your things and a proper chair to spend hours sitting in or stand up desk. 

#10 Don't forget to use sick leave

Yes, you still qualify for sick leave if you work from home.

Once again, remote work does not differ from regular work, which means you can use your sick leave days if you feel bad and can’t work properly.

#11 Keep in touch with colleagues

Even when you are working from home, you are still likely working in a team of different professionals.

Even if you don’t have to perform many tasks or collaborative projects with others, it’s still good to keep up with the latest news and office buzz. Whether you're reaching out to colleagues for help on an assignment or just to continue your usual gossip, staying in touch is crucial for your mental health while working from home. 

#12 Improve your credentials

A good professional is the one who keeps strengthening and gaining new skills, no matter what circumstance. For instance, regular training, reading relevant books, etc. will help you learn more about your industry and job. Staying up to date with all the latest news in your niche is crucial for you to have the knowledge to perform your job correctly; don't stop these good behaviors just because you're stuck at home. 

#13 Be an optimistic 

Working from home can be a difficult transition for some not use to it. It may be hard for you to manage your job and all the deadlines you have from home effectively, but it is important to look at the bright side of things in every situation.

Remember, if you're feeling the work-from-home blues, there is a positive in every situation. More time at home with your family, no more long commute, saving money spent on office lunches, working when you want, etc. You can always find something to be grateful for. 

#14 Have separate contact details

An email address and phone number specifically for work are essential for you to be able to manage all your incoming communication at home. Don’t mix your personal contacts and professional ones and make sure you are always available during your posted work hours.

#15 Actively participate in meetings

Meetings are held for a reason – especially when it comes to remote teams. 

Weekly remote meetings can be used to share the latest updates, new accounts, industry news, achievements, etc. Teams can use these check-ins to assign new projects, coordinate with teams, deadlines, etc. ensuring everyone is on track and understanding the goals for the week. a man sitting on the ground in a yellow turtleneck looking at his computer

#16 Adapt and be flexible

Being flexible and adapting in difficult situations will help you become a more professionally successful person because you will be able to overcome any challenge you encounter after. For professionals working remote for the first time, if they can overcome this challenge of working distant from their team, they can overcome anything! 

#17 Become a team player

Being a team player is especially important for anyone working specifically within a team of other remote workers. Remember that good communication is essential for any effective teamwork.

#18 Hold yourself accountable

You're out of the office. You no longer have a higher-up down your neck, checking your work throughout the day. It's up to you to get the work done and remain on track. Hold yourself accountable by setting reasonable deadlines and meeting them with quality work. 

#19 Get rid of distractions

One way to effectivity work from home is by eliminating daily distractions that live at home; kids, technology, gaming, chores, etc. 

Distractions are, well, distracting you from your job. You wouldn't be doing laundry or putting the dishes away at work? So don't do it during working hours.

#20 End your day with a ritual

Last but not least, you need to end your day with a ritual just like you start it with a ritual. Have a shower, eat your dinner, walk your dog, and watch your favorite show; anything to ease out of your busy work day. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, working from home is possible–and can even become enjoyable once you get the hang of it! Use the tips and tricks in this article to create your own schedule, organize yourself better, and start working at home in more comfortable conditions.


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