Celebrate Israel Festival Marks Israel's 71st Independence Day!

Israeli American Council (IAC) has their own unique story to tell, sharing the journey of many who have traveled from Israel to become a proud American. Each with their own account, IAC is here to keep these stories alive and help people stay connected to Israel through their identity. It is the story of leaders, students, mothers, fathers, family members, professionals who all come together through their love of Israel.

IAC is here to support Israel and create a vibrant future for the Jewish people and state, keeping them strong and connected. This powerful love of identify will not be unheard, but continue to write the next chapters of their story for the future to come.



Visit IAC to read the stories of these strong Israeli-American community members that continue to build a path for the next generation.

israel american council"Over half a million Israeli-Americans live in the United States today. As a vital component of American society, they play a major role in social activism, academia, culture, and innovation. The Israeli-American Council (IAC) is the largest Israeli-American organization in the United States, serving this vibrant sector of the Jewish American community.

The IAC’s effectiveness and success is the direct result of its ability to organize, activate, and engage the Israeli-American community nationwide through cutting-edge programming and activities, developing and empowering community leaders and establishing strategic partnerships with a wide array of nonprofit organizations within the Jewish American community.”



Here at Purplepass, we are proud to be apart of this nationwide organization which has been working with us for 4 years now.celebrate Israel festival

We are also happy to announce that the IAC has extended their time with us for 3 more years, giving us the honor to continue to put on their amazing events!!

With events all around the country, their latest celebration will take place in Los Angeles, California May 19th 2019 12pm - 7pm.

“Celebrate Israel Festival” is the largest Jewish happening in LA, with over 16,000 community members celebrating the State of Israel with live entertainment, interactive activities, culture, food & art.

The festivities include a main stage of performances including Lior Narkis, the ultimate challah bake, kosher food, artists from Israel and local vendors, amusement rides, a petting zoo for all ages, and more!



picture of lior narkis



MAIN STAGE: Live performances including headliner, Lior Narkis!




kid entertainment


KID ENTERTAINMENT: Nonstop live performances in English and Hebrew. Featuring Dod Haim & Naama Super Al. 



mega challah bake


MEGA CHALLAH BAKE: Learn how to make dough and braid your own challah. 



kosher food


KOSHER FOOD: Traditional food and street fare that will inspire your next trip to Israel all 100% Kosher. 



shuk hacarmel


SHUK HACARMEL: Walking through the Shuk, you will feel right at home with artists from Israel and local vendors selling art, jewelry, Judaica, home goods and gifts.


IAC lead bar


IAC LEAD BAR: This is the place to meet and mingle with  other young professionals at the bar. Glance at our schedule to see what performances are taking place at the bar as well.


kids doing arts in IAC keshet kids space


IAC KESHET KIDS SPACE: Enjoy high-energy entertainment throughout the day: Face painting, petting zoo, balloon art, fun amusement rides for the entire family.


camel rides


SAFARI RAMAT GAN: Camel rides, pony rides and a massive petting zoo for all ages. 



amusement rides


AMUSEMENT RIDES: Fun for all ages from very small to teenagers at our very own carnival. 



All general information you may need for the event can be found here, as well as vendor registration, and more information on attractions.

More importantly, tickets can be purchased at Purplepass Ticketing and you also have the option to purchase tickets at the door based on availability.


Israel's for morethan 70 years Independence Day


celebrate Israel festival  71st Independence Day



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