7 Ways to Generate More Revenue (Sales) at Your Parade

Parades have been known to bring communities together, while also helping people come together to for awareness of certain causes and issues. If you are thinking of hosting a parade to promote small businesses in your city or if you want to host a parade to highlight local vendors and artists, there are a few solutions to help streamline the process.

From developing an online presence for your upcoming parade to implementing digital ticket registration, the use of the right platform can make planning your next parade a breeze from start to finish.


Manage vendors with Purplepass

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1. Vendor Management/Registration Pages

Hosting a parade with multiple vendors is exciting, but the logistics of managing those vendors manually can quickly cause you to feel overwhelmed.vendor-booths

With a ticketing platform such as Purplepass, create an event vendor registration form that can be completed by vendors themselves while storing data that can be referenced automatically in the future.

When creating a vendor registration page, some information or ticket types you might want to include could be: 

  • Name: The name of the vendor (individual) or the name of their business/organization.
  • Basic contact information: Will you be contacting vendors via mail, email, or via telephone?
  • Business type: Collect information regarding the type of business each vendor operates, along with the products and/or services they provide.
  • Business description: Allow vendors the opportunity to describe their business and their mission, goals, and/or objectives.
  • Logo: Include a section to allow vendors the ability to upload a company logo that will be used throughout promotions of the parade event.
  • Social media links: Vendors can also share links to their official social media pages.
  • Establishment date: How experienced are the vendors who are interested in sponsoring or attending your parade?
  • Setup: Consider the setup each vendor will require and whether they will require a tent, electricity, wireless internet, and other amenities.
  • Licensing: Will any vendor require special licensing for music or entertainment they intend to provide?
  • Experience: How experienced are the vendors at attending events such as the parade you are hosting?
  • Include terms and conditions: On your vendor registration page, include any terms and conditions you have created for your parade event. Ensure that all vendors agree to the terms and conditions before submitting their application.


2. Hosting a Multi-Day Parade Event

Parades are not always just a one-day event. In fact, many popular parade events last anywhere from 2-3 days, depending on the time of year the parade is hosted and its location. If you are hosting a multi-day parade event, it is important to consider how you will handle the ticketing of the parade itself.

Hosting a multi-day parade event is much easier when you provide attendees with the ability to purchase single-day tickets or a ticket that is good for the entire duration of the event.

Ticketing options for parades might be: 

  • Multi-day pass
  • Single day
  • Family discounts/group ticketing
  • Vendor ticketing
  • Special groups/staff
  • Active military/first responder discounts
  • Senior
  • Vip/early access pass


3. Special Seating and Area Access

Even if you are hosting a parade that is free of charge, you may want to provide special seating areas and reserved seating for those who are interested or accessible seating.


Using your ticketing platform, offer guests the opportunity to purchase special seating and reserve areas that are ideal for those with disabilities or those in need of additional accessibility. You can also create exclusive VIP sections with additional beverages and foods that are unavailable anywhere else for an extra charge.


4. Processing Online Payments

One of the biggest advantages of using a ticketing platform is the ability to accept and process online payments.

Rather than limiting attendees to purchasing tickets in-person (which can result in waiting in long lines), a ticketing platform streamlines the ticketing process entirely. Accepting online payments, allowing attendees the ability to purchase tickets in advance for early bird discounts while also purchasing a ticket with the use of their smartphones.


5. Use RSVP Options With Your Ticketing Platform

Another way to take advantage of your digital ticketing platform is to implement RSVP options for guests and vendors. Including RSVP options will provide you with a more accurate headcount before the date of the parade arrives.


6. Use Your Ticketing Platform to Promote and Sell Parade Merchandise

If you want to increase sales and reduce lines for guests once they arrive at your parade, consider using your ticketing platform to promote and sell merchandise. Sell branded merchandise on your platform as guests are browsing and purchasing tickets.


With a ticketing and registration solution from Purplepass, you can also provide any vendors at your parade with the ability to promote and sell their own merchandise online as well. Drastically increase merchandise sales while simultaneously reducing in-person lines during your parade by promoting and selling parade merchandise using your ticketing platform.


7. Add-On Events and Activities During the Checkout Process

Parades often include plenty to do--from face-painting activities to indulging in delicious street foods.

If you are planning to host live performances, art shows, or even mini-concerts throughout your parade, consider implementing add-on events and activities that can generate additional revenue each time a ticket is sold.

Some add-on events that guests might consider purchasing for an upcoming parade include:

  • Face-painting
  • Fortune-telling
  • Access to mini-concerts and/or live performances of artists, singers, magicians, and more
  • Crafting/workshop events
  • Seminars with relevant and/or interesting topics
  • Access to an open bar or buffet


Hosting a parade is a great way to bring members of a community together to celebrate a holiday, promote local businesses, or even simply enjoy one another's company. If you are planning to host a parade for any reason in your city or town this year, consider using a ticketing and registration platform such as Purplepass.

Having a ticketing and registration platform in place makes it easier than ever to prepare, host, and manage events year-round. With Purplepass, remove the guesswork from planning your next parade and instead, focus on vendors, merchandise, ticket sales, and ultimately, the satisfaction of your guests.

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