7 Useful Reports for Schools and Educational Events

Using an online ticketing solution offers many benefits, from saving time to having the ability to reach a much wider audience.

For educators, athletic directors, and school administrators, an online ticketing solution can also provide something even more valuable; automated analytics and data in real-time.


1. Automated analytics and data collection

Using an online ticketing system is ideal for those interested in automating the tracking, collecting, and organization of data in one central location.

Using a ticketing system can provide valuable analytics, including:

  • Data reports measuring total sales

  • Sales based on the date sold/venue selected/seating area(s) reserved

  • Types of tickets sold

  • Methods of purchasing tickets used

  • Ticket sale price/distribution of sales

Using automation when managing tickets, events, and collecting data leaves less room for errors while providing your employees with more time to focus on other aspects of your event. 


2. Ticket distribution

Tracking ticket distribution for any school or university event you are managing is essential, especially if you are tasked with managing the sales and revenue for tickets sold as well. 

This data will let you see

  • How tickets were sold
  • If sold in-person at a box office, online, via cash, or even at specific ticket terminals
  • Overall sales of a specific ticket type (group passes, season tickets sold, etc.)
  • Monitor refunds given


3. Detailed marketing reports

With an online ticketing solution, gain access to detailed marketing reports that are useful for planning future events while also tending to ongoing ones in real time. 

If you have provided students with codes based on their student IDs, had them enroll in an affiliate program, or implemented a unique tracking code for your event, you can track off of this. 

  • See where tickets are coming from 
  • What sources are generating the most tickets/sales
  • Tracking codes used
  • Total views


4. Guest list features

For school administrators and event coordinators, the guest list gives you the ability to manage and issue comp tickets without making an official order in the system.

For some educators, a guest list might come in handy for the following scenarios: 

  • To verify a student’s attendance at a specific event 

  • To verify sign-ups for volunteering events/registrations 

  • To learn more about who is attending out of your comp list


5. Financial management

Keep track of event invoices and manage event statements in one easy-to-use location. Skip manually handling all the paperwork and expense receipts while also minimizing any room for error. 


6. Compare event statistics 

Reviewing and comparing event statistics can help you learn more about which events perform best and result in the best turnout and most ticket sales. 

Track event sales to gauge which event(s) are most likely to bring foot traffic and which events generate other sales, such as revenue from concessions, donations, and even school merchandise.


7. Track demographics 

Tracking the demographics of your events can come in handy for future promotional materials and event planning. When you can view the geography of those who are interested in registering for online exams, attending a sporting competition, or even viewing an event with live streaming for schools, you can take advantage of many benefits.

With tracked demographics, you can offer targeted marketing, merchandise, and entertainment that is much more likely to result in an increase in revenue. 


Using a robust online ticketing solution for schools can be extremely beneficial. Whether you are tracking stats for sporting events or gauging which events may require more focus, funding, and promotion during future school years. 

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