New Upgrade: Guest List Management

Import feature for guest list

There is a feature in Purplepass where you can upload mass quantities of guest information to your guest list via a CSV file. The spreadsheet template for this is located under “Guest List” in the main menu.

This makes it easy to upload a finalized spreadsheet guest list before your event starts. The mass upload feature is the more efficient than doing single entries into the guest list if adding large amounts of people at a time. You can also maintain a consistent guest list for each event you may have by importing the same or modified spreadsheet.

Purplepass import feature for guest list

Limiting the number of guests a partner can add to the guest list

In Settings > Partner Access, if you have a partner(s) listed to help you organize the event, you can set event privileges for that partner – including limiting the number of guests the partner can add to the guest list. Just click “Add Event Privileges” and enter in the number in the field at the bottom. The default is unlimited.

maximum guests a partner can add to guest list


Inventory control when managing guest list

In the guest list section of Purplepass, there is a checkbox that allows you to choose to deduct from the venue’s capacity whenever you add a guest to the guest list. Otherwise, the guest list does not count toward the capacity limit. The checkbox is under “Add a Guest” on the left.

Purplepass inventory control for guest list

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