New Upgrade: Kiosk Mode For Scanners And iPad Terminals

Updates to wireless scanners and POS systems to operate as continuous scanning Kiosk mode

This feature keeps the scanner on continuously so that guests can easily scan in their ticket to be 

ipad kiosk with barcode scanneradmitted without anyone having to press a button on the scanner. Having the scanner on continuously helps long lines move more smoothly and quickly.

For example, you can set up an iPad scanner and have a staff member scan in tickets that guests hand him/her. This saves seconds off each scan which adds up when there is a long line to enter the event with tickets.


Filter mode for box office

You can filter which ticket types will be valid in your box office. If you have different stations for different ticket types (for example, a general admission and a VIP station) you can indicate at each station which type of ticket will only be valid at that station.

This helps you to avoid mix-ups with people in the wrong line, for example. If their ticket does not scan at a certain line, you know they are in the wrong line.

red arrow pointing to filter mode button


Custom sounds for box office scanning

If you have different stations for your box office (for example, a general admission and a VIP line) it may become confusing if the same scan confirmation beep is coming from more than one line. With custom sounds for scanning, you can choose a different sound for each scanning station to avoid confusion.

red arrow pointing to custom sounds button


Ability to generate custom closing reports directly within the box office

You can easily generate closing reports at the end of the day by clicking the report button at the top of the box office screen. This will bring up an end-of-day report. Generating a report directly via the box office software is easier than having to go to another computer to do it. This way, you can see the closing report faster once your day has ended.


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