12 Things To Remember When Planning an Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating an anniversary or a milestone for any reason provides an opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you are planning an anniversary event for your company, your charity organization, or even for a class reunion, there are a few ways to ensure maximum attendance, reach, and exposure, both online and off.


What is the Celebration or anniversary event?


What is it you are planning to celebrate?

Whenever you are planning an anniversary event or celebration, it is important to lead with the purpose of your event when attempting to appeal to those you invite.

(A) Think of why you are hosting the event and who is most likely to want to attend?

(B) Are you targeting a specific demographic or group of individuals based on their relation to your event or to your organization itself?

(C) Are you interested in appealing to individuals who have spending power or who are invested in your organization and/or cause already?


Configuring the logistics of the anniversary event you have in mind is highly advisable before you share the details of your upcoming event.

#1: You need a dedicated website for the event

Create a website and online presence to represent the anniversary event and celebration you are planning.

Using an online presence is essential if you are intent on maximizing your reach and ability to attract as many attendees as possible to your event.

Wix-picking-your-website-themeThe purpose of your website is to inform prospective attendees of the event’s location, time, and date. You can also use your event’s website to showcase any activities or dress code requirements you have set for the event.

All the info should be there.

  • Parking and transportation

  • Accommodations

  • Things to do in the area

  • Information about the celebration/about

  • Guest of honor or speaking

  • Dress code

  • Ticketing if necessary

  • Guest list if necessary

#2: Use stats and numbers to attract eyes and attendees

Whenever you are creating invitations or an online presence for an upcoming event or anniversary, use stats and numbers to help garner attention and attract the eyes of potential donors or attendees.


Some eye-catching headlines you might want to include in your newsletter headlines or within your invitations themselves include:

  • Help us celebrate serving over 1 million customers in 20 years.

  • Help us give back to the 500,000 patients we have helped over our time in business.

  • Learn how we have given back to over 100,000 residents in 10 years.

#3: Create a newsletter subscription

If you have a website and an online presence for your organization or the event you are planning, consider launching your very own newsletter. Using a newsletter subscription is a way to collect more information regarding those who have a genuine interest in supporting your business or organization.

You can use your newsletter to provide ongoing updates regarding your upcoming event and to increase overall engagement for attracting customers and/or donors.

#4: It’s important to have a theme

A themed event is often more attractive to guests, especially if it is a theme that they find enjoyable and appealing. When you are hosting an anniversary event, set a theme that is sure to be unforgettable in the minds of your attendees.

Some themes to brainstorm about for an upcoming anniversary event might include:

  • Black and white

  • Glitz and glam

  • Vintage/retro throwback to coincide with the foundation and/or date you are celebrating

  • Modern and futuristic, depending on the purpose of your event and organization

  • Costumes or holiday

#5: Send your guests home with party favors

Don’t let the night be forgotten! Save it with a small party favor. Give your guests and attendees party favors upon their arrival.

This might include:

  • Local business discounts or gift cards

  • Freebies from partners you work with, or even branded gear

  • A plaque or engravement LOOK UP

  • Photos (photo booths or taken throughout the night)

And other goodies depending on what you're celebrating.



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#6: Sell merchandise and memorabilia

Sell merchandise and memorabilia before, throughout, and even after your event has ended. Selling merchandise is ideal if you are promoting a charity organization or marking a celebration (50th high school reunion).

If you are hosting a class reunion or gathering, selling memorabilia can help to cover the costs of hosting the event.


#7: Assist attendees with accommodations and local activities

Offer to assist those you invite with accommodations and local activities, sightseeing tours, and nearby restaurants they may be interested in. Assisting prospective attendees with accommodations if you are hosting an out-of-town event is one of the best ways to increase attendance altogether.

Just like an online wedding invite, you want to include things people can do outside of the event on the free time. Help with accommodations, travel and transportation tips, anything to make the journey easier.


#8: Use direct mailing as an online E-vite alternative 

One way to appeal to even more prospective attendees to your event is to use direct mailers as opposed to solely sticking with e-vites and the internet. Direct mailers are still one of the most highly effective marketing methods used to promote events, products, and brands.


Because it’s personal and makes guests feel important.

Especially when a reunion or celebration, it’s a more professional way to invite your guests and adds some ‘class’ as well! Also it can act as a reminder for people when they stick on their fridge or offices.


#9: Is your event private or public?

When sending invitations and creating an online presence for your upcoming anniversary event, it is important to determine whether your event is open to the public?

If you are hosting an exclusive event, you may need to tweak privacy settings on your social media pages and with any ticketing and registration solution you use.

*** Look for a ticketing software that allows you to either hide tickets from the public, or uses a special code for accessing tickets.



Create private or public events

Post events to the public, or create some
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#10: Use an event management software

Use a ticketing and registration system to help with keeping track of those who plan to attend as well as any additional guests you are expecting.

With a solution such as Purplepass, you can get started with the digital aspect of hosting and planning an anniversary event within just a few minutes.

#11: Create a group of volunteers and staff

Gather a group of volunteers and/or staff and customer support (if necessary) to help with coordinating and managing the event on the date of the event itself. They can also be used for planning, accounting, admin and part of the marketing team if you have the extra hands.

Having a group of experienced volunteers to help you with the planning and executing of your upcoming anniversary event or celebration is necessary to minimize stress and to remain focused on what is most important.

#12: Include a list of rules and regulations

Now the boring part!

Living in the era of COVID, it is important to create a list of rules and regulations for attendees who will come to your event, especially if it is indoors. Always check with local and state regulations regarding safety and health before promoting a large gathering.

It’s better that guests know what is expected of them before attending the event, than turn up surprised by current rules in place like required masks.



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Hosting a successful anniversary event is a way to make memories for years to come. Knowing how to plan an anniversary event or upcoming celebration is a way to gain peace of mind while remaining confident in your decisions every step of the way.

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