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Adding an internal memo when putting seats on hold

You can add an internal memo to a seat you're placing on hold to inform staff why this action was made. For example, if you're holding that seat for a special guest, group, etc. If you want to add a special message to a seat being put on hold, follow the instructions below.

NOTE: The map option will only appear if there is a map associated with that event.

  1. Log in to your Purplepass event organizer dashboard
  2. Select the Map button on the tab of the event you are managing inside your My Events page after logging in. And select the dropdown Manage Seats
  1. Once the map opens, you can select the seat(s) you wish to place on hold
  2. The selections will appear on the sidebar
  1. To place it on hold, click the On Hold button
  1. In the Internal Memo box, you can include your message
  2. Click save
  3. On the map, those seats will now have a colored border as well as the saved note when hovered over