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How to create a custom print-at-home tickets

Instead of physical ticket stock, you can create custom print-at-home ticket templates to use for an event as a ticket for entry. To build custom print-at-home tickets

  1. Log in to your Purplepass event organizer dashboard
  2. Select Tools from the top navigation bar
  1. Click Custom Print-at-Home on the left navigation bar or in the box on the main page
This is the page where you can create your custom print-at-home tickets.
  1. Once you’re on the Custom Print-at-Home screen, click the purple Create a New Print at-Home button
  1. A new pop-up window will appear titled Create Print-at-Home From
  2. In the first box titled Name either select an option from the drop-down menu or enter the name you want to use for your custom print-at-home tickets

#1 HEADER - You can check the Custom Image box and a field will appear below allowing you to add your own artwork.

#2 MAP - You have the option to select Custom Image if you don’t want to feature an area map and, instead, want to upload a different image. You can also check Custom image (expanded) to combine #2 and #3 fields to create a larger, singular image.

#3 TERMS AND CONDITIONS - You can select the default option or check Custom terms to create your own terms and conditions. You can also check Custom image to upload an image instead.

#4 REFUND POLICY - You can either keep the default option or check Custom terms and enter your refund policy.

  1. Click the purple Preview button at the bottom of the window to see what the ticket will look like when completed.
  2. Once you’re finished adding details, click the purple Refresh Preview button on the right of the screen. If you’re satisfied with the custom print-at-home tickets, select the purple Create button at the bottom of the screen to save your work.

Click here for how to add your print-at-home template to your event.