Tracking Sales

Tracking Links

Create an unlimited number of custom links for tracking ticket sales activity generated from that link.

This is used for understanding where results are coming from; what is working and what is not.

Marketing Reports

Purplepass offers an array of reports from tracking links and coupon codes, for tracking ticket sales.

  • Social media marketing reports
  • Geography and demographics
  • Distribution
  • Tracking links/short-cut links
  • Traffic source

Tracking Widget Sales

With a few lines of code, promoters can fully integrate the entire buying process directly into their own website. With ticket widgets, guests can shop directly on your website, add to cart, and checkout without ever being redirected.

Our reporting tracks ticket widget sales, providing a complete breakdown of orders, ticket types, revenue, facility, tax and refunds linked to widgets.

Tracking Coupon Codes

Use coupon codes to build tracking links for affiliate and partnership programs.

Promoters will get a breakdown of all coupon codes used for their event(s). They will all be graphed out along with a detailed breakdown, presenting a drill down on exactly what was used, when.