Branding Your Event

Adding Media

Add custom event icons, include a large header banner, background image, promotional videos, etc.

Branding your event is easy by adding additional images, flyers, photos, etc. to an event page.

Customized Print-at-Home

Print-at-home tickets are easy to customize, letting promoters add their own artwork, logos, additional media, etc.

If you’re looking for sponsorship ideas and spots to incorporate logos or ads, print-at-home tickets might be the solution you need.

Print at home on computer
An email template creator on Purplepass

Customizable Email Templates

You have full control right down to the CSS to create custom templates and email confirmations for branding your event.

This tool allows users to create, schedule and send email campaigns directly to their customers. With this feature, promoters and event planners don’t have to use other software to send out mass emails (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.). Instead, they can manage emails with Purplepass.

Identifying referring sites

Use tracking IDs to monitor any referral sites that are bringing you traffic and ticket sales.

Promoters can also use unique tracking links for all of your social media marketing and paid advertising to identify the profitability of their efforts and ROI. Another common use of tracking links is to provide unique links to affiliates to track their sales and, hence, their commission.

Tracking discount code
Video player


Add videos of the performers, promotional videos from past events, or anything else you’d like your guests to watch while checking out your event.