The Best Wristband Options for Your Event Type

Carnivals, fairs, and concerts all utilize wristbands for tracking attendee entree and further management for their events.

But why stop there?

Wristbands work great for a variety of different events and can be customizable to cater to your needs for guest management while creating a personalized experience. 

Here are the different wristband options Purplepass provides their event promoters and what events they work well with. 

Tyvek wristbands 

Our Tyvek wristbands are produced from a great material that is lightweight, tear resistant, and waterproof, making it feel similar to paper, but is actually made of tiny fibers of plastic to give it that extra durability certain events might need.

We also use 1070D tyvek, which is the highest quality and thickest version on the market.

These are offered in a variety of colors to print from; yellow, blue, green, pink, white, and red. You can also do custom prints as well depending on what the wristband is being used for such as VIP passes or age verification and identification. 


Tyvek wristbands are most commonly used for: 

- 1 day / 1 time use events

-  Event participants 

- Fun runs, marathons, color runs, etc. 

- Water Parks

- Food/drink redemption 

- Age verifications 

- Group tracking/segmentation (easy to identify what group someone is in by their color)


Plastic wristbands

For basic event wristbands or single day events, Purplepass offers simple plastic ones that can be ordered in the following color options: green, white, grey, red, gold, purple, yellow, pink, blue, or orange.

If you have an event with different ticket types such as 21+, military, VIP, you can order different colored wristbands to represent the different ticket type to make guest types easier to identify. 

Unlike other wristband types, plastic wristbands currently cannot be custom printed. 


Plastic wristbands are most commonly used for: 

- Water/outdoor events

- Nigh clubs/bars

- School Trips

- Hotels & Resorts

- Museums 

- Breweries & Wineries 

- Arcades

- Sporting Events

- Group Verification 



Poly Sublimation wristbands 

It’s time to get fancy!! If you need wristbands for your event, but want to step it up a notch and really impress your guests, Purplepass offers their popular poly sublimation wristbands.

These are very high-end, durable and smart wristbands recommended for any type of event … and did I mention very comfortable.

They are made out of soft fabric that can easily be secured over anyones’ wrist - child and adult.

They have a smart adjuster, that once placed on a wrist will secure and remain in place so the wristband cannot be taken off and/or shared. 

We have VIP options pre-made and ready for immediate sale. We also offer custom made wristbands specifically for events. These take about 2-3 weeks to be made and ready for shipment. 

If you want to be able to scan your poly wristband as a ticket, you can add QR codes for admission scanning. 


Poly wristbands are most commonly used for: 

- VIP & Special Access

- Identifying Talent & Entertainment

-  Club Events

- Sporting Events

- Motorcross & Arena Events

- Rodeos

- Horse Racing

- Casinos 

Vinyl wristbands

Are you hosting an outdoor event??

If you are putting on a multi-day event, festival, water event, and anything that has harsher, outdoor conditions leading to wear and tear, I would suggest going with our vinyl thermal wristbands. 

These come in 7 different colors, with a material that is very durable, water-resistant and rip proof.

Thermal wristbands are designed to be printed with your own custom artwork, logo, event details, and we can print barcodes directly on them so your guests can use them as their admission tickets. 

They are designed to fit any wrist. 


Vinyl wristbands are most commonly used for: 
- Multi-day events

- Festivals

- Water parks

- Tours

- Conferences & Conventions

- Fun parks (trampoline, go-kart, kid zones, etc.)

- Sporting Events

- Museums, Sanctuaries & Aquariums

Full Color wristbands

Our full color wristband options are 100% your custom artwork.

Similar to full color ticket stock, you can add event artwork, logos, sponsors, text - basically a design that represents your event and brand. The material is durable for all day events and easy to apply.

Make your event stand out with these fun wristbands. 

Full color wristbands are most commonly used for: 

- Festivals

- Conventions

- Night clubs & bars

- Speciality Events

- Concerts

- Fairs 

- Sponsored Events


To order your wristbands, you can contact our sister company, Express Event Ticketing, for a quote using the link attached below.

For any other questions, you can contact us at or give us a call! 

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