5 Amazing Webinars for Event Planners Looking to Up Their Game

Being an event planner can feel an awful lot like being Tom Hanks in Cast Away. It can feel... lonely. This may seem strange given the event industries staggering size (+5 million jobs in the US alone) and its ability to drive revenue (B2B events create over $1 trillion in spending.) But, let’s be honest — most marketing blogs are catered towards digital agencies with little to no webinar services. 

But not all of them! Today, we’re going to look at 5 webinars geared towards event marketers. These webinars have actionable tips for, well... you. There are no run-of-the-mill, no-duh marketing strategies here. Just pure event planning fuel in webinar form. So, grab Wilson, and we’ll show you where to find advice that’s made with you in mind.

1. Smarter Planning With Social Tables

Social Tables logoSocial Tables is a SaaS company that offers tools for event planners. So, they have a CRM, a sales tool, and even some free tools that help you create diagrams and manage seating, etc. And all of that is great. But it’s their webinar that’s amazing.

Here’s the thing — tons of companies that sell event tools have killer webinars. Sure! They want your email. And they’re definitely only hosting the webinar in hopes they’ll eventually get an ROI and some of you will buy their stuff.

Their Smarter Planning webinar revolves around their Social Tables tools (which many of you may use.) But, a big chunk of the webinar is over their free stuff. And — even if you don’t plan on using Social Tables — their tips-and-tricks pretty much apply to any event planning tech.

2. Event Manager Blog

Event Manager Blog logoEvent Manager Blog — which is now part of the Skift family — is the single largest event marketing blog in the UK. But they’re also one of the largest in the US, and they definitely have mass appeal. Their blog is literally stuffed to the seams with valuable strategies that almost all of you can apply to at least some part of your event.

But the blog isn’t their best feature. Event Manager Blog also knows how to host a webinar.

There are literally pages of on-demand webinar options that can give you insights into diversity, feedback, design, and tons more. If there are any areas of your event you feel like you’re weak in, you can probably find an Event Manager Blog webinar to help you out.

3. Connect Corporate

Connect Corporate logoAre you running B2B events? If so, you should consider tuning into some of Connect Corporate’s webinars.

There are plages of webinars stuffed with juicy business event content that might be useful. We also highly recommend their blog (and their magazine if you’re a paper-kind-of-person.)

4. Pathable

Pathable logoLet’s get this out of the way. Like Social Tables, Pathable sells event apps and tools. But (also like Social Tables), they invest in webinars and valuable blogs to give users value in the hopes that they eventually convert to being customers.

Guess what? We don’t care if you become Pathable customers. But we do care if you walk away with some good event advice.

The Pathable webinars have good event advice. So, stay for the content — the paid apps are optional.

5. Meetingsnet

MeetingsNet logoFor longevity, Meetingsnet has some clout. They’ve been putting out free event webinars since 2017. A nd during that time, they’ve covered some generic topics and some super niche ones as well. It's easy to assume, they know what they are doing. 

From chatbots and active emergencies to IoT and hotel contract clauses, Meetingsnet has something for everyone.



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