Annual graduations and award ceremonies are part of the school year; a time to celebrate the students. And of course, mom and dad want to come, plus grandma, their uncle, friends, and maybe the neighbors. Long story short, with these types of school events, managing tickets can be a messy task when students keep inviting more guests or don't have enough. 

But, what about the kids that only need 1 ticket? Or students that need 10?!

How can schools create a proper distribution of tickets for graduations and other ceremonies? This is where a ticket registration comes in.  

After working with a variety of schools and events, Purplepass' ticketing system for schools caters to all the typical problems that might appear within student events. Some features we offer to help build registration for graduations include: 

  • Assigned seating 
  • Coupon codes
  • Ability to stack codes
  • Custom event pages
  • Ticket security/duplicating tickets
  • Managing their graduation events
  • Controlling the number of tickets issued
  • Include terms and conditions
  • Include what is and isn't allowed


How to Create an Event with Purplepass

1. Log in to your Purplepass promote dashboard

2. Select "Create New Event"

3. Select your event type

4. After entering your event details, as you scroll down, you can enter the ticket and coupon code information in the section titled "Ticket Pricing & Options".

5. You can select more event details, event type, ticket sale start and end times, and if it's general or assigned seating. 

6. You can also select the different types you want to create with the drop-down.USER-DEFINED

7. To add a coupon code, scroll to the bottom of the section and select "Add Coupon Code".COUPON-CODE


Recommended coupon settings for controlling ticket sales: 

Stacking with other codes - This option allows coupon codes to be used with other codes. By enabling this, you can give students multiple codes for each ticket they give out. 



Limiting the number of uses - This feature can be used to limit the number of uses. This applies to how many transactions the code can be used on.


NOTE: This will reset the coupon code for each transaction it's valid for. For example, if a coupon code allows 3 free tickets, promoters can use that coupon code on separate transactions for 3 tickets each until the limit is hit. 


Ticketing for Education

From ceremonies to sporting events, Purplepass
works for the unique needs of school events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student give out tickets to separate parties?

Yes! Promoters can create single-ticket vouchers for each student. For example, if the student is allotted 4 tickets each, you can give students multiple codes for 4 guests so they can check out separately online.

Name: John Doe
Student ID: 543215
Code 1 = 543215a
Code 2 = 543215b
Code 3 = 543215c
Each code is for one-time use, valid for 1 ticket, and can be stacked. Promoters can stack multiple codes using Purplepass. For example, a guest might be given 3 voucher codes valid for 3 free tickets. Rather than doing 3 separate orders, they can apply all 3 voucher codes at the same time and check out once.

How do I make my assigned seating map for the graduation event?

If you want to make an assigned seating map you have the option to build the map yourself or you can reach out to support@purplepass.com and inquire about having our team build your map. This service is free for all promoters. 


Should I have assigned seating at my event? 

Assigned seating will give you more control over where people sit, allowing the customer to get a good seat ahead of time but requires more work if someone needs to change spots. Open seating tends to be easier for the customer on the day of as long as they show up early.

Check out this resource comparing the benefits of hosting an event with assigned seating versus open seating to see what option is right for you.

Can I add coupon codes all at once or is it one at a time? 

Users can bulk upload a list of student IDs; IDs of students that will be purchasing tickets for the event. Once uploaded, users can then set the code restrictions. 


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