Assigned Seating Verse Open Seating: Pros and Cons

No matter the size of the venue, you always face the decision of letting your guests sit where they want or assigning them seats.

So which is better?

Each option comes with it’s own pros and cons that you need to consider before deciding on one or the other.

purplepass assigned seating for orchestra


Assigned Seating:


  • More organized and efficient for guests
  • Guests don't stress about finding a seat during the event
  • Little confusion where they should sit
  • There is control over who sits next to who making sure a family can sit together and won't run out of room
  • Guests are prepared and knowledgeable about the venue layout beforehand
  • Seating is available for handicap ahead of time
  • Eliminates people saving seats with jackets or uncomfortalbe situations



  • You have to create a seating chart (however, Purplepass will create one for you free of charge)
  • It can be time consuming if you need multiple charts or have a large floor plan
  • Guest's can't change their minds about seating arrangements


Open Seating:


  • No time wasted creating a seating chart
  • Guests can sit where they want and change their minds about seats



  • May have to arrive early to get good seats
  • Seats can’t always be guaranteed
  • Less organization
  • Can be chaotic and even awkward if you are holding seats for others


Here at Purplepass we love assigned seating and we want you to reap all the benefits from our seating charts without the hassle of creating them.

That’s why we build your seating charts at zero cost to you.

purplepass assigned seating chart with symbolsOur charts let your guest view an interactive seating map, see the entire layout of the venue and choose the seats they like so they don’t have to stress the day-of-the event. 

Here are some features our maps have:

Graphically Driven
Our maps are built to be true-to-form with all the curves, rows, isles, and everything shown true to scale. Additional images and graphics can be added such as legends, logos, sponsors…anything you can think of.

Full Service Map Building Included For Free
Although you have control to build and manage your own maps, we know you are busy would rather do more important things like promoting your events. So send us your map and we will build out your venue map quickly and for free. For venues up to 10,000 seats, we can usually have the map built and ready to go within 24 hours.


Color Coded Sections and Pricing Points
Visually show the pricing and sections of seats by color coding the seats on the map. This makes it easy for your guests to get a bird's-eye view of what the price of the seats are and decide which ones they want to purchase.


Indicate which seats are reserved for handicap seating. Besides showing a wheelchair icon over the seat, you can also add alerts and confirmations to guests to ensure they realize a seat may be handicap or even that it’s a wheelchair space.


Custom Messages
Add custom notes on seats to pass on valuable information to the customers. If a seat is on hold, available only at the box office, or even if the seat is reserved for sale through an outlet, you can identify all of this so guests have all the facts in front of them when deciding which seats they want.


Support for Tables, Rows, Booths, Etc.
Our seating system allows for huge flexibility. Whether you are selling seats in rows, seats at a table, whole tables, selling booths for your vendors, or a combination of all of them, they are all supported and easily shown on your seating map.




We build custom maps for FREE

If you need to do assigned seating for your event,
contact us and we can start building a map for your event.


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