5 Popular Conference Topics For 2023

Hosting a conference is a great way to bring business partners, associates, and even potential investors together in one central location. Whether you are planning a conference for local business owners or for a particular industry that you represent, there are a few up-and-coming conference topics that are sure to stay on the radar throughout 2023. conference-room-topics

Mental Health and Well-Being

According to the WHO, depression and suicide are the leading causes of disability and/or death, with suicide being the fourth-leading cause of death among those aged 15-29. As we learn more about mental health and the importance of a healthy work/life balance, mental health, and well-being are at the forefront of many different conferences and gatherings today.

Speaking about mental health and well-being is a way to resonate with those who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition at that moment. Shedding light on the importance of mental health and well-being is essential as rates of depression and anxiety continue to skyrocket across the board and across the globe. 


Employee Satisfaction (Work/Life Balance)

It is estimated that at least 77% of all employees have experienced work burnout at least once in the job that they are currently in. This staggering statistic should be enough to get more people talking about the significance of employee work/life balance. Along the same lines as mental health, work/life balance plays a major role in how someone will feel from day to day and in their life outside of work.

When an employee feels as if they have a proper work/life balance in order and they are satisfied in their current position, employers also reap the benefits, such as:

  • Improved productivity: Research shows that providing employees with a proper work/life balance can ultimately result in noticeable upticks in productivity throughout the workplace and in all departments.

  • Boosted morale: A workplace's morale matters. If employees arrive cynical, sad, depressed, or unhappy, the energy is palpable. When employees are satisfied and excited about coming to work as a team, energy is contagious and is more likely to be passed on to other team members. 

  • Overall satisfaction: If your goal as a leader is to retain employees, doing so is much easier by implementing a proper work/life balance for your employees. Individuals who feel more satisfied and content at work are less likely to seek out another position or role, leaving you to find replacements on a whim. 


Sustainability (GO GREEN)

One of the biggest topics on the rise involves sustainability. Whether you are discussing becoming more sustainable in the workplace or around the globe, sustainability is set to be a major talking point in 2023 and the years, if not decades, that follow.

Working towards a more sustainable working and living environment is key in order to ensure the survival of our species and Planet Earth itself. Sustainable workplace goals might include introducing additional remote work opportunities along with the following: 

  • Reducing waste in the workplace: Eliminating wasteful paper products or products that cannot be recycled 
  • Offering incentives for biking or walking: Provide incentives to workers who choose to walk or bike to work
  • Remote work: Offer the opportunity to work from home for those who are qualified for positions that allow the job to be completed from any location with internet access.

Advanced Technology/Smart Technology

As technology continues to advance and evolve, it is no surprise that the popular conference topics in 2023 will include advanced and/or smart technologies. Smart technologies can include everything from biometrics and digital thumbprint readers to artificial intelligence that gets to know its users on a much deeper and more personal level.

A few topics to consider if you are hosting a conference that will be covering smart technologies might include:

  • Smart homes/office workspaces: What type of equipment, digital readers, and monitoring will be available in-home and at the workplace?
  • Biometric equipment: Will employees soon be able to wear biometric gear to track health and/or work performance on-demand?
  • Management software/AI: Will the use of automated management software or the use of AI be valuable for your company and the future of your business?
  • AI Solutions: What type of AI, or artificial intelligence solution do you intend to integrate into your company's goals? Are there any limitations that must be considered before introducing AI into the workplace? 
  • Automation: Everything from in the workplace to events - automation saves everyone time and money and seems to be a hot topic for the past several years. 

Social Engagement

Social engagement goes a long way when it comes to building a brand or spreading the word about a particular topic, idea, or product. Discussing social engagement during conferences this year will be monumental, as connecting with hubs of specific demographics and target audiences from around the world has never been easier than it is today.

It is essential not to underestimate the power of social engagement, whether you are building a brand new business from the ground up or you are searching for unique ways to scale an existing company. Social engagement can include in-person marketing as well as digital personas, social media, and even the use of AI in order to generate buzz for a particular business and/or brand. 

Carefully selecting conference topics in 2023 can make a significant difference in the overall turnout you receive at each of your events. The more relevant your conference topics are to the world around you and the industries you represent, the easier it will be to appeal to a much wider audience, ultimately resulting in a greater number of ticket sales.


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