Facial Recognition For Events: Pros And Cons

One of the hottest new trends in event planning is incorporating facial recognition technology into the registration experience. Event planners and hosts have realized how convenient and efficient this method compares to traditional registration methods.


What Is Facial Recognition Technology?

verification of a man from a digital image through a face recognition system

A facial recognition system can match a face from either a video frame or a photograph and index is against millions of facial profiles. It can accurately identify and verify a person based on the unique features of their face. In most cases, the attendee will upload a photograph of themselves as part of the pre-registration process via the registration form or a secure link to the software site.

At the start of the event, attendees will usually be greeted by a tablet or kiosk set up at a table where they will enter their information and follow the instructions presented by the program. Once the scan of their face is complete, a badge will print with their information, and they are then registered and ready to begin their experience without the hassle of finding their tickets.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Facial Recognition Technology For Events?

Facial recognition technology can provide event planners, hosts, and attendees with a wide variety of benefits. For example, It can be used to streamline the process and prevent inconvenience issues that can create delays such as bringing the incorrect ticket or missing information.


PRO: Fast Check-Ins

Facial recognition technology can speed up the registration process significantly, which eliminates long lines and elevates the experience for people attending the event.

People who are entering the event can visit the registration table or kiosk and with a few clicks and a scan, are ready to begin enjoying the event.


PRO: Improved Personalizations

Facial recognition technology can also be used to customize the guest’s experience and ensure that they are provided with the highest quality service based on their preferences and help ensure that they are receiving all of their perks and benefits as promised.

multiple face detection and recognition

For instance, a recognition software can be linked to social media profiles to customize offerings, personal preferences and even food and drinks. Using this technology can help the attendee feel special and acknowledged, which significantly improves their overall experience at the event making it more memorable for them.


PRO: Automatically Increase Security

When using facial recognition technology, event organizers will keep uninvited or unexpected individuals from entering the space more efficiently. When a person tries to gain access or credentials to the event, the software will immediately recognize an attempted unauthorized entry and flag the system, which, in turn, alerts the event organizers and security to a potential issue or threat.

If a mistake has been made, it is easy to clear from the system, however, if it was intentional, having artificial intelligence on your side can make for a safer event.



Concerns People May Have About Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition has several benefits, but it may also raise a few concerns for attendees who are not familiar with it. Keeping these individuals informed about protocol and security measures will help ease their fears and promote greater attendance.


CON: Infringing on their personal privacy

People may feel that providing such detailed personal information can leave them at risk and invade their privacy. It is important to reassure them that companies who provide facial recognition means they take security seriously, and it is one of their primary concerns when providing this service.

facial recognition and autotagging photosBy using these types of software, all information is safely stored with many safeguards and security measures in place to minimize threats.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that no technology is perfect and as with any new developments, risks to personal privacy are always a possibility.

A good example would be public security cameras, social media, and even credit bureaus.


CON: Facial Recognition Cost

Many event organizers may be concerned with the cost of incorporating facial recognition, but in reality, it is might be more cost-effective than traditional protocol depending on the size and attendance of the event. In the past, a person would be hired to register or host a registration, volunteers and staff would also be need to greet guests upon arrival, plus you may want more security looking out for fake tickets.

Instead, using this cutting-edge registration method saves manpower and eliminates costs associated with individuals providing the service, which may provide savings to organizers. Of course, there is a potentially high price tag for this service, especially with increased customization for the attendees, thus it is only recommended for high-budget events.


CON: Change In Appearance

One of the potential issues that event organizers can encounter when using this technology, is a failure to recognize an individual because of a change in appearance.

This may not be an issue for slight changes, but if the individual has undergone medical procedures or some type of event that changed the contour and features of their face, there may be an issue. It could be something as simple as a drastic haircut, shaving facial hair, or having more makeup/or less applied.


three photos of a man not shaving for a whole month

two photos of a woman from messy hair and no makeup to straight blonde hair with makeup


A protocol should be established for these potential issues to minimize the inconvenience of the individual and it might be something to keep in mind if you are hosting a themed event that invites costumes and facial changes.

Facial recognition technology has become one of the most widely used new developments in event registration because it offers several benefits to all parties involved. It is important, however, to keep in mind that there is the potential for issues, but with some careful planning and protocols in place to deal with those issues, it can be a wonderful and exciting new addition to your next event.


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