Camas Schools Uses Modern Ticketing Solutions For Their Events

Purplepass Ticketing welcomes another school district to the family; Camas School District! Camas School District is home to 12 schools ( elementary, middle school and high school), acting as an active resource for maximizing their student's learning and educational experiences. Their goal is to provide a high-quality learning experience to continue their growth and academic success for all students.

CAMAS school district logo name

"Together we create a quality school climate that fosters a culture of encouragement and celebrates student success at all levels.

The environment is focused on the needs and aspirations of the whole child—enabling a climate of mutual respect, inspired learning, and the development of character and life skills."

- Camas School District 

Camas Public Schools works to provide their students with outstanding educational opportunities and extracurricular activities to create a community where students, staff, family, friends can get involved together through the power of learning.

group of female students holding a red banner with "state bound c" written on it

Camas partnered with Purplepass Ticketing to digitalize their event management tools and utilize a more modern ticketing system. With a district of over 7,000 students, scheduling and managing school events online will create a more effective system for their students, staff and parents.

Choir, dance, theater, concerts, sports, and other events are consistently held throughout the school year. By utilizing Purplepass' event management system, Camas will reap a variety of new benefits for everyone:

- Easy-to-use systems for parents and student volunteers

- Use student IDs as coupon codes

- Virtual seating maps when selecting tickets

- 24/7 customer support and onsite help

- Live reporting for ticket sales

- Ticketing for free/RSVP events ( a free event management software)

- Available admissions equipment and event ticket scanners

- Customized event options and features

- and more!


"We are so excited to have Camas School District on board! Ticketing is just one small role in providing better academic and social learning experiences for students; to help strengthen their community, even in the slightest way, makes us very grateful! Welcome to the Purple team!"

- Savannah McIntosh, Purplepass Marketing Director

If you want to learn more about all the benefits Purplepass' event ticketing software can offer school districts and their events, click below. 

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