Assigned Seating Suite Of Features Released


If you have not already noticed, assigned seating has come to Purplepass. You now have the power to create graphically-driven seating maps that are interactive, easy to use, and look great! Without overwhelming you with the details, there isn't much you cannot do. From colored coded multi-tiered pricing to photo previews from each seat, it can all be done easily through your drag-and-drop seating map designer. Regardless if you are doing a small dinner theater with 50 seats or you are organizing an event at an arena with 15,000+ seats, the task of creating and managing your inventory couldn't be easier.
If you have an upcoming event that requires assigned seating, please let us know and we will be happy to either build your maps for you or show you how to do it yourself. If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, you will have no problem using the Purplepass seating map designer. Feel free to contact us at for help getting your next assigned seating event setup.

Assigned Seating + Widget
As part of our massive assigned seating roll out, we've added the ability to sell assigned seating events directly through your own website. Patrons are now able to go directly to your website, load the seating map, choose their seats, pay, download, and print their tickets without ever having to leave your website!

Assigned Seating + Box Office
Selling assigned seating tickets online is great, but being able to sell them at the door through your box office is a whole different thing. As part of this massive new release, you can view the seating map through your box office, see real-time seat availability, and sell them on the spot. This is truly a complete assigned seating solution.

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