New Upgrade: Group & Package Tickets

Group & package tickets
We have recently released some great new features that allow you to create special ticket types for groups and packages. Now you can easily create package tickets such as weekend passes where the guest will receive separate tickets for each day of the event. Other examples this new group/package feature can be used includes family packs, discounted group tickets, and even advanced configurations such as buy-one-get-one-free offers.

Using this new group/package feature is pretty simple. When setting up your ticket options when creating an event, you will now have a new "Group/Package" ticket type to choose from. Then choose how many of each type of ticket the guest should receive and you are all set. Advanced family packs, weekend passes, group discounted tickets, etc., can all be setup in minutes.

Accept Donations
If you are a non-profit or organizing a charitable event, being able to accept donations is critical. You can now create "Donation" ticket types which allow your guests to donate any amount of money they want. In addition, you can even set minimum donation amounts which work great for setting up different sponsorship levels (i.e. Gold Sponsor, Platinum Sponsor, etc.)

Collect Sales Tax
Have you ever needed to collect sales tax separate from the face value of your tickets? If so, now it has gotten a lot easier. Another new feature that was released allowed you to set and collect sales tax on all of your transactions.

Custom Age Requirements
In addition to the various age options already available when posting an event, you can now enter custom age values. So if you ever have an event with a not-so-common age requirement, simply click on the age field when posting your event and type in the exactly what you would like to be shown for age requirement.

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