New Upgrade: Coupon Code Updates

Coupon code updates 
There is nothing new about creating coupon codes. For many of you, coupon codes are a normal part of your day to day life as an event organizer. However, some recent updates we have released have made that task just a bit easier for you. In addition to all of the current coupon code features, you can now set the date and time the coupons will automatically activate and deactivate. In addition to this, you can also limit the number of times a coupon code can be used. We've also added some advanced features giving you the freedom to create and manage your coupon codes through a remote API interface.

Custom check out terms
Although you promoted your event as "Rain or Shine", are you worried bad weather is going to cause a lot of refund request and disputed charges? Now you can create check out terms that guests must review before completing their purchase. You can even require them to check a box indicating that they have read and agree to the terms.

Custom messages
You were always able to create custom messages that appear on the receipt and email confirmation. Well we have taken that to the next level. You can now setup custom messages on a per-event basis providing guests special information or instructions that may be different for each and every event you do. When posting your event, you can create these custom messages in the Additional Options section.

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